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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mossy, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Mossy

    Mossy New Member

    Hey ;)
    right, where do i start ... :dunno

    I'm Jen, I play 1st horn for Pilling Band, :D

    I started learning tenor horn in about 1994, in Pilling junior band, which was taken by Tom Redman, and Frank Brown. I then changed to cornet, and moved up into the senior band. I played 2nd cornet up until 2004, when I swapped back to horn (which I prefer) lol :p ...
    At the mo, i'm the ONLY member of Pilling band who actually lives in Pilling :rolleyes: :eek:

    Recently i seem to be going through a Bon Jovi phase... again... :cool: :cool:
    I'M GOING TO SEE THEM 4 JUNE :woo at Manchester woot woot (can you tell i'm excited lol)


    ... thought i'd say hia

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  3. euphfanhan

    euphfanhan Member

    Welcome to tMP jenjamin!!!:tongue: I wonder how long it will be before you start a Bon Jovi thread...:rolleyes: Ah well, Bennifer is already a member, so at least you should get a reply to anything bon jovi related ;)
    Happy posting! x
  4. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hi Jen and :hi to tMP.

    Don't know where to start eh? You've done the difficult part, making that first post, the rest, as they say is easy.

    Hope you have a great time at the Bon Jovi concert. ;)

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