Another New Signing for Hatfield Band

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    Hatfield Band is delighted to announe the appointment of Andrew Kennedy as the Band's new 2nd Euphonium player. Andy joins the band from Wakefield Metropolitan and has been helping the band out since the Senior Trophy Contest in May. Andy's arrival completes the Euphonium and Baritone Section. Other family members who play in the band are his Mum, Jane Kennedy on 2nd Cornet, his Dad, Mick Kennedy, who joined the band from Grimethorpe Band in May on Repiano, and his brother, Thomas, 3rd Cornet and one of the band's future stars. Musical Director, Graham O'Connor is said to be 'ecstatic' and it is rumoured he even bought Andy a pint after finding out the news!

    Andy is the second signing for the band is as many months. Laura Scott joined on 2nd Horn in July, see here -

    The band give a huge welcome to both players and hope they enjoy their time with Hatfield for many years to come. :clap:
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    I'm sure Andy will make a good addition to the band, but I can't believe that G O'C put his hand in his own pocket to buy Andy a pint. Surely it was someone else's round ;)
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    It is a wicked rumour. I'm sure there will be an official press release to confirm it either way!:tongue:
  4. yorkie19

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    Will there be facts to back up the press release (like a receipt?)
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    I can confirm categorically to all that i have received a promise of a pint, but as yet have not seen the promised pint...! (as at 18:03 - 15-8-06)

    Thanks to Hatfield for the great welcome and i hope we can have some good times together (no doubt) and maybe some good results???

    A special thank you goes to everyone at Wakefield Metropolitan Band for the great times i have had over the past year. I was made to feel welcome from the moment i walked into their bandroom, a member of a great group of friends from the very first moment.

    My most memorable times in banding will always include thoughts of the Germany tour which i was delighted to be involved only a couple of weeks ago. The commerardery within the group over the course of that week will never be forgotten.

    All the best to everyone there and good luck in the future.

    Cheers, Andy

    (p.s - my best wishes to all at EYMS band, good luck etc.)
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    Best of luck at your new band Chief
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    I'd just like to say from behalf of the Wakefield Metropolitan Band, good luck Chief and i'm sure we'll all see you around (hopefully we'll compete against you again in the near future).

    Take care mate