Another major sporting fixture for Yorkshire Co-op

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  1. brass journo

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    THE United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band is no stranger to performing at major sporting fixtures having performed to crowds of thousands and millions more courtesy of Sky TV at last year’s Tri-Nations Rugby Tournament between Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain and having been involved with the promotion of London 2012. The latest sporting fixture in the band’s diary is this month and it will be heading down to the south coast next weekend (20th/21st) to perform at the DFS Show Jumping Derby at the All England Show Jumping Course, Hickstead, near Brighton.
    Said Band Manager Tabby Clegg: “The engagement came to us just a few weeks ago at the last minute as the organisers were unable to secure the services of any of the military bands that usually perform at Hickstead. It is a great privilege to undertake this engagement and the band will perform three sets in the main International Arena to crowds of thousands on Derby day, which is also being televised by the BBC. This is the most prestigious day of competition in the show jumping calendar and a great opportunity for the band.
    “I am really thankful to the people that have agreed to help the band out on the day as we were a few players short as the engagement falls in the middle of our band summer holiday, but it was not an engagement the band was willing to turn down. I would particularly like to thank Stephen Tighe who has agreed to direct the band at the engagement.
    “To make the most of the weekend, the band will make the 250 mile trip to Hickstead on Saturday and camp over prior to its performances on Sunday! So keep your eyes peeled on Sunday 21st August, you may just see us on the TV again!”

    Tabby Clegg
    12 August 2005
  2. B'aht a band

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    Nice one Tabbs, hope it all goes well for you all....

    Horsies eh? you'll be in yer element down there!

    All the best to everyone back in Briggus.

  3. persins

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    Hey there!!
    Just a quick note to say thank you to all involved with United Co-Op Yorkshire for such a great weekend! I really had a good time and enjoyed myself immensely. It was good to meet you all and hope that I get the opportunity to guest with you again soon. You really are a great bunch who seem to work hard and play hard!! Bring on next year!!!! If you ever venture down south, I'm sure that you would be more than welcome at SWT Woodfalls!

    See you again soon,

  4. brass journo

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    A huge thanks to Persin, Vonny and Fridge for helping us out at the weekend.

    It was a fantastic do, sadly not on tv as it overran and the BBC had to cut to Kelly Holmes and athletice - what's that about - is she important?

    Anyway, thanks again - it was a weekend with far too much free wine, too little sleep, a cracking job and then the band had a 9 hour journey back on Sunday night.

    they are all asleep at there desks now!!

  5. The Cornet King

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    8 and a half hours to be precise, and the 3 hours spent viewing junctions 29 and 30 of the M1 (yes 3 hours stuck in a jam there) were truly magical moments. :(

    Was a great weekend though. Thanks to all the deps, you were fab. Where else can you play with a band and enjoy all you can eat BBQ and drink all the wine physically possible for free!? And enjoy the company of the finest people that Yorkshire has to offer!

    Right i'm off back to bed.
  6. Richard_Brigg

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    Enjoyed the weekend guys - although getting up for work this morning wasn't easy after getting in at 2.30!

  7. Bex_Euph

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    Thanx everyone had a brill time. All you deps were fab, I cant believe how long it took u to get home u should have all crashed in leic at mine! lol ;)
  8. persins

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    If it's anything like the size of your tent, then the whole band could probably have stopped there!

    Rich, please note the use of grammer! I think that I have used the comma and apostrophy correctly!
  9. Richard_Brigg

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    Very well done persins, the grammer looks spot-on!

    Bye for now!
  10. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    I wish Becca you could have told us all to crash at yours before being stationery for 3 hours on the M1!!

    Oh and Richard i thought you played your 'trumpet' very well!
  11. vonny

    vonny Member

    Thank you Tabbs i really did have a brilliant time!

    Becca thank you for a room at the holiday inn - very comfy indeed!

    Ben & Richard thank you for the lift home - much appreciated!

    Thank you for all the band who made me feel welcome!

    I have to say though i am a bit worried because my 'quiet' and 'reserved' personality as been seriously hampered - i was led astray:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :biggrin:

    Thank you again,

    Yvonne x
  12. B'aht a band

    B'aht a band Member

    Sounds like it was a usual Co-op do then!!! Wish I coulda been there, you lucky people!!

    :frown: :mad:

  13. Richard_Brigg

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    It's a ****** cornet!!! hehe

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