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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by oldbiker, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. oldbiker

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    I started playing brass in 1947 in the RAF. On my discharge in 1954 I joined a local band in Coventry and gradually worked my way up to soprano which I played for about 8-9 yrs until I retired from playing in 1987.
    Last year I decided that I missed playing too much and after a lay-off of 20 years, rejoined the same band. After about 6 months on 2nd cornet, I went back onto soprano. A further 6 months on (and one new set of teeth) I am just starting to feel that I justify my position. My range is still limited to A above the stave but I am sure more work and practice will get my old range back.
    I still use the Dennis Wick 'S' mouthpiece which I had kept for sentimental reasons.
  2. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to tMP oldbiker, good to see that people who leave banding aren't necessarily gone for good!

    Enjoy your surfing of tMP, any questions, just holler.
  3. Flugelgeoff

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    Your name

    Hi What's your name and which band are you playing for. May know you?
  4. oldbiker

    oldbiker New Member

    HI, names John Baker and the band is 'The Coventry Festival Band'
  5. iRyan

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    Hey, hope you enjoy tMP and wish you luck on getting your high register once again!
  6. on_castors

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    Hello from me, I live just up the road in Holbrooks.

    Who's wagging the stick at Coventry Festival now? Albert was last time I saw him, but I heard he was packing it in, and I haven't bumped into anyone for a while.

    If you are wanting an extra blow of a Wednesday night, there are a few of us old-timers & a number of training kids attached to St Giles Church, Exhall, just over the border into Warwickshire - no real hassles, ties or commitments; comfortable room, & people are always welcome. Drop me a note if you fancy a blow, we have no Sop, and cornets are always handy!

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