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    ...from the US! I'm John Caputo, and I'm a Euphonium player living in Middle Georgia, in the Southeast US. I play with the Band of the USAF Reserve, and also with the Georgia Brass Band in Atlanta. I'm so very happy to be here, and to be learning more and more about the brass band world in general. It's a pleasure to meet all of you!
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    Hi there John :hi and a big welcome to you from all of us here at tMP. Thanks for joining in with the fun, it's always great to see new members from across the pons. We have a few regulars who I am sure you will bump into.

    Please do help up spread the word across the USA as much as you can and I look forward to reading your posts and threads.

    Feel free to contact any of the super Moderator team if there's anything you need yeah...:)