Another bunch of NIMBYs?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by andyp, May 25, 2011.

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    Our band have had a similar problem in the past (before my time), but got around it by sound proofing the band room. I could understand the problem if the industrial unit was not that well sound proofed (though the band seemed to have sorted it for themselves by finding a better venue :clap:).
  3. BigHorn

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    Count me as a nimby too then. I wouldn't want a band room 60ft from my back door either.
    Just because we like brass bands doesn't mean we should assume its ok to subject everyone else to it.
  4. mikelyons

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    Philistines, the lot of them! Put the buqqers in the stocks and play them Terry Wogan records all day!
  5. WoodenFlugel

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    Don't forget that brass bands also present a huge bio-hazard too....:roll:

    To be honest it does seem a bit NIMBYish, but without knowing the geography and whether '60 feet' really is 60 feet and not a journalists '60 feet' its hard to say for sure.

    I do know my last band were subject to a noise complaint, resulting in us having to spend money on double-glazing etc. Fair enough I guess (we were forced to move our practice room to somewhere surrounded by houses), but when other people complained that they now couldn't hear the band practicing it was a bit hard to take!
  6. Colin.Doran

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    What make me laugh is that this area is an industrial estate, and quite a big one too with at least 3 big companies on there that operate 24 hrs a day that probably make more noise than the band would do. Although the housing estate is located on what is the quieter side of the estate I am sure there are businesses on in the units that under their current terms of business could operate up to half nine at night if they wished, I live in the town and feel it is disgrace that the towns own band is forced out of the area and currently don’t rehearse in Leyland it's self.
  7. sjs

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    Totally in agreement with what Colin said. I'm based only about a quarter of a mile away from Moss Side Industrial Estate and believe me, there are some noisy 'inhabitants'. A brass band, even one with Leyland's power, is nothing in comparison. Reading the article it would appear that the residents are comparing with a rock band -
    "repetitive thumping sound" . It is a shame that the band's exploits aren't lauded more in the town. The vast majority of the residents don't know of its existence I would imagine
  8. tgfoxley

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    "Repetitive thumping sound" - surely not justified until Acid Brass spreads to Leyland! (don't get me wrong, I love it :p )

    Maybe the people in those houses should be forced to move to Thameside or Saddleworth for a month or two?
  9. leylandband

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    Thank you everyone and in particular Colin for your support. We will sort a Bandroom in Leyland eventually. In the meantime, onwards and upwards.
  10. brassneck

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    Would inviting the residents to an open rehearsal help their (lack of) understanding?
  11. leylandband

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    Can you imagine them coming along for a blast through a 15 minute parp followed by a 1 hour rehearsal followed by another 15 minute parp. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Like all bands, we do our fair share for the community. We try very hard to distribute information and raise the profile of their very own band. Its an uphill battle but we keep trying.
    Top Banding!!!!!
  12. mikelyons

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    How's about getting a petition up to shame the town of Leyland into giving their world class band a home. Leyland town council should be ashamed at allowing the band to be homeless in the first place. Change your name guys. I'm sure some town in the North West would like a band of your calibre named after it. You are obviously not appreciated.
    Pity the town doesn't return the compliment.
  13. Colin.Doran

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    As far as I am aware and I am sure I will be corrected if this is wrong but the unit was actually sourced for the band By South Ribble Borough Council which is Leyland council. At a reduced rate in exchange for the band doing some civil engagements, of which are on the bands web site. To be fair the local council and a number of local business do support the band very much, and knowing the vast amount of patrons that the band has acquired from the Leyland and surrounding areas over the last 4 years I would say it has quite a big support with in the town. This is just one of those sad events where a small group of people who have little or no understanding of a brass band, and probably don’t want to have an understanding of it either. The most annoying thing is that the band had decided that to be on an industrial estate would be the best option as it should have avoided the issue that has arisen.
  14. BIG Paul

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    Hope the band soon find a suitable home. I know the aggro of getting planning permission for a band room. I received planning permission for Denton Brass to change an industrial unit to a band room only this week and hope to sign the lease today. Good luck to Leyland in their search
  15. mikelyons

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    Hey Colin, long time no see. Sorry if I sound mean-spirited, but to me it's not good enough. The band carry the town's name around the world, providing a tremendous amount of free publicity and the town can't see its way to provide a practise room in return? I know we're in a financially difficult time, now, but we haven't always been.

    I notice South Ribble Council is Tory dominated - according to their web pages. Could that have anything to do with why the paysans can't have a bandroom?
  16. RDTCBD

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    I run a youth marching and concert band. After 13 years of lobbying, banging on doors, and getting support, We were close to signing a lease on a rundown youth club in the grounds of the school. We were about to commit £200k of funds on a building that we would use in the evening and the weekend. The school who were putting no money into the building, were to get the use of the building for nothing during the day.
    It was however blocked by a campaign led by a school governor who lives probably 250metres away.
    Her words were, "I want to listen to birds in my garden and not bands. Bands may be your thing, It isn't mine"

    We were happy to tell the local papers, that we keep 80 kids off the street and have played all over the UK, Europe and USA, and that the complainant wore many hats, She was a councillor of the local authority, a governor at the school (a performing arts school!) and the councils assigned member for music and bands.

    The paper were only too happy to report on her hypocrisy.

    When the local council heard they were about to trashed in the local papers on this story, two weeks before the councils elections. It was amazing how helpful they were to us, if we kept the story quiet.

    moral of the story.
    Dont stop campaigning and use whatever means you can (even blackmail! )to get you where you want to be.

    Two weeks later we were offered something 3 times the size.
    We now have a band hall, probably one of the best in the country

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