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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by eckyboy, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. eckyboy

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    I've noticed recently that a lot of the posts that seem to stir up trouble are from users who go out their way to disguise or hide who they are.In light of this wouldnt it make sense for users to have their band or organisation below their posts so everyone else can decide whether they are worth arguing with.I suspect a lot of the random posters would think again before leaving what is often nonsense and bile.
  2. Accidental

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    Good idea, but sometimes people don't display all that info in their signatures on every post (eg me!!) because they don't think its important, or they don't want people's perceptions of what they say to be affected by their age/gender/instrument/band/whatever...

    Perhaps the profiles could have compulsory fields? Then people would have to supply the info before they could start making posts.

    Alex Stevens
    Solo horn
    Friary Guildford Band
    .... just to show I've got nothing to hide! :wink:
  3. Sam Atherton

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    I agree with Alex's point about bands/ instruments etc., not being important most of the time. I'm usually curious about who I'm talking to, which is why I use my name, and have included my band in my signature. Well that, and we'd like more people to look at our website!!

    Don't see how compulsory registration fields would work though. After all, playing in a band isn't a membership requirement! If someone wants to cause trouble, they'll just lie.

    I think we're fortunate that there are so few people intentionally stirring things up on here. Most of the time it's someone who feels passionate about their banding expressing their opinions a little, erm... strongly :wink: . If someone rants at you in a pub most people stand it a while and then ignore them. If we just stop reading/ responding to threads like this they will drop off the page pretty quickly. The mods are doing a good job, but I sometimes think we could help by not fanning the flames!!
  4. eckyboy

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    Sam Atherton wrote"If we just stop reading/ responding to threads like this they will drop off the page pretty quickly"
    I dont think you meant this thread but I agree with instrument-standard-age etc but like the recent posts of cheating etc and not to have a clue who the accuser is casts suspicion on a whole community of banders.I personally could do without random jokers having a go at other bands purely for the sake of it and think as I said above,had to reveal his/her identity they would think twice beore stirring things up.I can be confrontational but at least everyone knows who I am.
  5. I think its all a bit egotistical throwing a huge amount of titles/band names onto your posting signature. The bulk of people seem to do it in moderation and with genuine purpose, but there seems to be alot of others who list off an endless array of acheivements and ensembles just for the hell of it. Not nessescary I think...just the name of your 'primary' band should do!
  6. deezastar

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    Hear hear. I don't see why it should matter what band I play for. My opinions are not those of my band, so why should it matter. Unless it's so you can find out who people are and knock them out in the bar. The people who know me, know who I am so I am protecting my identity pure and simple because I have no desire to know most of the people on the mouthpiece. As I've said, those who know me know who I am and that's all that matters to me.
  7. bruceg

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    Yes you can and yes we do! And some of us know where you live too Alec ;)


    Note: we're mates before anybody thinks I've got it in for Alec :)
  8. 2nd man down

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    Have I missed something? Who's been stirring up trouble?

    Personally I think that people shud be proud of the band(s) they play in and if they want to display the fact that they are members of one or more bands then that's up to them.
    I display my band in my profile because i'm proud to be a member and i don't see the point in disguising who i am as i've nothing to hide.

    There is no way of stopping these idiots who do cause problems from getting on the forum and trying to spoil it for the rest of us, but at the end of the day, that's what the mods and admin are for and as far as I can see they do a fantastic job of nipping any of the offensive stuff in the bud.
    But like mentioned before, you can't alter the fact that the idiots are there, but we can help by just ignoring them.
  9. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    Unfortunately, passions run high sometimes and, if it feels personal as it did to us recently, it's not always easy to ignore it. In general though I completely agree that the easiest way to put out a fire is to starve it of oxygen in the first place ;)
  10. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I have just caught up on this after a weekend and a bit away. I agree that we are fortunate that it is only a minority who seem to delibarately aim to cause trouble.

    I can see a number of reasons why people could prefer to post under a pseudonym, rather than their real name, many of them perfectly innocent, I hasten to add.

    Whilst we clearly want to safeguard theMouthPiece and existing members, it is difficult to prevent troublemakers registering - as has been said already anyone could post that they belonged to a particular band, and without instituting unwanted checks with the band in question it would be hard to monitor.

    We have also had a few instances of people registering under other people's real names, which clearly causes great concern, and would certainly only be done by those seeking to cause mischief. Even an apparently genuine email address can be misleading, as new accounts can easily be set up. Please be assured that, in such instances, the team will act promptly to deal with the situation.
  11. eckyboy

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    I thought the thread had beem binned-I was on the rehearsal room.I'm never in here as Big Bad Bruce hangs out in here :?
  12. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    I don't think theres anyone who would go that far because of a friendly debate :lol:
  13. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    Agreed. I think we're a bit above that kind of behaviour.
  14. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    i just have it there so that I drag the band down with me...
  15. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    So what's the need to know who they are then? Everyone can see the people who come on here to cause bother so just leave them. However they do add some interesting points to some dull discussions!
  16. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    You do indeed Laura :lol:
    Joke :lol:
  17. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    I have no problem with people going under a pseudonym etc.

    I list my bands because I'm proud to be associated with them and certainly in my conducting capacities, I list them because there's a part of me that still thinks 'How can a SE suburban London layabout be in the privileged position of conducting bands/orchestras/choirs??' I'm just pleased and proud to be given the chance to pass on what little I do know to others. ;-)

    As for the few troublemakers, they will always go under a pseudonym because the simply haven't got the bottle to post antagonistic bilge under their own name!
  18. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Eh?? I'm confused (don't take much mind you)
  19. Cornet_player

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    I list the bands that I play for beacause Im proud to be a member of them. Also thats what I do so its part of me and I wouldnt use the site if it wasn't. :lol:

    I find it useful when others post the bands that they play with as it gives me an idea of the locations of bands across the country. Isnt being proud of your bands and listing them a little like advertising?? Through using the site I get to know about people who have similar interests as me and this can only be good.........cant it??

    :D :D :D :D
  20. Trigger

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    Yeah, I list my band because I am proud to be playing with them. Some people don't know how lucky they are to be playing for a band with good players and a good conductor, but I do and I am proud of it. But on the actual topic, you will always have idiots that make stupid remarks and they can very often offend people. But the thing to remember is, that when they make these stupid remarks, it is often in ignorance of the true situation, as they don't bother to find out the facts and they just end up making themselves look like *beep*!! So I say, if they want to come on here and hang themselves, so be it!! But the mods are doing a good job by preventing this and on the whole, I must say this site seems to be very friendly