Announcing the tMP Stolen Instrument Register

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    Announcing the tMP Stolen Instrument Register

    Unfortunately it's a sign of the times we live in, but we feel the time has come for us start a 'Stolen Instrument Register' here on tMP in an attempt to help those unfortunate enough to have lost an instrument, to be able to recover it as quickly as possible.

    This has come about mainly due to an increase in the number of stolen instruments being posted on tMP - and while this may have been useful in the past, we felt the individual posts weren't getting the prominence they deserved.

    For details of how this work, plus how to inform us of any stolen instruments, visit the tMP Stolen Instrument Register category.
  2. Will the Sec

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    As you say, Roger, a sign of the times that it is necessary tMP does something like this.

    I think it might be worthwhile lobbying Ebay to convince them that all instruments sold have to include its serial number in the advert, so that stolen items can be easily identified. Of course, the vendor might tell porkies, but they'll soon be caught out.

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    Roger??!!! He looks like Dyl to me!!
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    You have to make allowances for Will's advancing age and the pressure of the areas.

    A superb idea. Yet another great tMP innovation
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    Maybe he intended to sign off "Roger & out" ;)
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    That's the trouble with all the mods. They all look the same. I mean, look at their avatars!

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