Announcing the 'tMP Piece of the Week' feature

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    [imgleft][/imgleft]Announcing the 'tMP Piece of the Week' feature:

    tMP are proud to announce yet another exciting initiative aimed at creating thoughtfull discussions on people's experiences of brass playing.

    Every week the tMP Team will be highlighting a different piece of music, and will provide a few snippets of what we consider information about it, and we are inviting our members to discuss their thoughts on each piece and provide details of their experience of performing or listening to the piece.

    Once each piece has been featured for a week in the Rehearsal Room, the thread will be moved to the tMP Library for posterity - providing everyone with some reference points on the selected piece. The piece will also be added to the new tMP Auto Linker.

    We will not just be focussing on test pieces though, as the brass repertoire is so vast, we aim to cover all genres within the coming weeks - and if anyone has a particular preference towards a piece they want featured, then feel free to PM any member of the team and we will do our best to feature it at some time.

    This series will be launched later today - fittingly with the piece that came top of the recent tMP Favourite Test Piece poll - Eric Ball's 'Journey Into Freedom'.