Announcing ‘Eighth Note’, an affordable graphic design service for musicians.

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    We are pleased to unveil a new service aimed at providing musicians, and brass bands in particular, with an affordable solution to their web and graphical needs.

    Nearly every band has a website, but there is rarely someone in the band with the skills of a professional designer who is willing to take it upon themselves to design and maintain a website. To approach a specialist company is usually financially out of the question for most band budgets. We are pleased to tell you that those days are over, and that your band can now get a website from only £85 – a lot less than most bands would get for an afternoon’s concert at the village fete. We can even host the site and keep it updated for you for a small monthly fee.

    As well as band sites we are also able to design for individuals, with prices starting at £65. You don’t have to be a household name to have a website. A well-presented site can act as an online interactive CV to impress your new potential boss for example, or can be very useful for sharing photos and information with your friends and family.

    Eighth Note can also design a whole range of other graphics such as logos, advertisements, CD sleeves and stand banners. All are offered at the same affordable prices that the websites are. The reason for our low prices is that the work is all done from home by a team of expert designers in their spare time, which means that there are hardly any overhead costs, just the time spent working on your design by the design team.

    Our roots are quite firmly in the brass band tradition and so we are passionate about helping other people in it. We are both committed to improving the look of brass bands on the web, as well as helping musicians with their presentational requirements.

    Should you require more information please visit where full run down of our services is explained, as well as a small but growing portfolio of current work.

    If you would like to contact us directly you can do so by emailing us at or you can text or phone us on 07814 984688
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