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  1. We currently require a 2nd Trombone Player to join us at this exciting and busy time.

    Annan Town (APD) Band are currently in the 3rd section but as of November will return to the 2nd section under the Scottish Regionals.

    There are good rail and road links to the town and we rehearse Monday and Wednesday, each for 2 hours, in a pub! (What more could you ask for?!)

    We have a busy time ahead of us and will be playing at the following contests:
    • Land O' Burns, Troon
    • National Finals, Harrogate
    • Borders Entertainment Contest, Jedburgh
    • Scottish Open & Challenge Cup, Perth
    Anyone interested can PM me (Rachael) or e mail me at for more details.
  2. Dates of contests...

    Just to add to the above post the contests are on the following dates:

    • Land O' Burns, Troon - Saturday 23rd August
    • National Finals, Harrogate - Saturday 27th September (leaving Annan on the Friday and returning on the Sunday)
    • Borders Entertainment Contest, Jedburgh - Saturday 1st November
    • Scottish Open & Challenge Cup, Perth - Saturday 29th November
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    Sorry for getting you too excited,i do play trombone but not quiet sure if im able to commit to the the practice reqired for a national test piece.I did play 1st trom with Dumfries a few years ago (we came last,trom was ok) not my fault.LOL
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    We'll just do the usual and write it in for you on rep Bri:D ;)

    Annan Town Band is looking for Cornet players. The band is currently in the first section in Scotland and has a number of concerts and contests during the rest of this year.

    Lifts are available from the Dumfries and Carlisle areas. Practices are on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7.30 to 9.30 in the Blue Bell Inn, Annan.

    More about the band on Facebook - Annan Town Band

    If you are interested, please contact myself (the-wee-timpanist) or David Shanks (davids).
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    Sorry make that 2nd section,OUCH.:(
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    Not until November the first!! Unless the trombones have already been put down. Which would be a blessing really put the poor souls out of thier misery!!!!!!:tongue:
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    Correct Hammy. The advert says currently first section.

    There would be more space in the band room if they were put to rest. More peaceful too!!