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    New Releases from Philip Sparke

    New Anglo Music Press Releases by Philip Sparke

    Written for the Solo Trumpet of the US Army Band, Manhattan is a two-movement trumpet or cornet solo which explores both the lyrical and technical sides of the instrument. The solo part needs a competent player, but the accompaniment is suitable for most bands. Movements can be played separately.

    from Saving Private Ryan. Arranged from John Williams' orchestral score, this moving work can be played with or without the wordless choir

    Novelty march that is is fact three marches in one. Ideal as an opener as players can enter the stage one by one.

    Available from De Haske. Visit

    for you local supplier
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    Just taken delivery of the new arrangement of "Hymn to the Fallen".

    Excellent arrangement; but why the cheap production? I remember reading somewhere that the minimum standard for commercial music printing is something like 110gsm paper. I haven't tried to measure it, but the paper used by Anglo feels like 70gsm or even less? Some of the parts wouldn't even stand up on the desks properly. I don't want to re-start the old argument about brass bands expecting to pay too little for their new music, but at around £25 a set I think we should expect reasonable quality paper?

    Any explanation?

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    Sorry, I'm wrong. According to MOLA (Major Orchestra Librarians Association) Music Preparation Guidelines it's 100gsm minimum. Here's the link, for anyone interested (includes some interesting observations on proof-reading, incidentally - not that there's any problem in this case, I hasten to add!)