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    Andrew Baker is back from Switzerland after hearing 9 Bands play his new Test Piece, ‘The Once & Future King’. The piece, published by JAGRINS and now available for general release, was greeted with much acclaim. Not only for its suitability in terms of technical difficulty, but also for the presentation and correctness of parts and score which required no Errata. One competing band said this on their website - "We have sight read the test piece for 3rd class on Friday one week ago with the junior band. The first impression is very good, has very beautiful places in it. It is technically well feasible. Thus one will be able to work deeply in the detail. This means a very interesting preparation time.”

    “The standard was generally very high, with the top two bands in particular giving excellent performances. It’s also interesting to note that out of 5 sections, there were 4 brand new pieces!” said Andrew.

    Andrew also says that the piece seemed to pass the ‘whistle’ test. “As I was walking around the Christmas Market in Montreux on Saturday afternoon I heard someone walking around whistling the ending of my piece!”

    In terms of the correctness and layout of parts and score, Andrew informs us that - “one of the main reasons I use JAGRINS as my publisher is their attention to detail both in their presentation and in their determination to get all the notes exactly right before publication, just as they did here. We are now going to submit the piece to contest organisers in the hope that it might be chosen for a contest here”.

    Andrew would also like to thank the Swiss Brass Band Association for firstly choosing his piece and also for the kind invitation to go to Switzerland to the extremely well run Championships and hear the first performances of his music.

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