Andrew Baker piece chosen for Swiss Nationals

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    ‘The Once and Future King’ by Andrew Baker (Anno Draconis), has been chosen as the 3rd Section Test Piece for the Swiss Nationals in Montreux on 24th November 2007.

    Andrew began playing the cornet with Northop Youth Band in North Wales. After graduating in Music from Nottingham University, he worked in orchestral administration with the Scottish Chamber and the Halle Orchestras. He was a member of the National Youth Brass Band of Wales as well as principal trumpet of the North Wales and Clwyd Youth Orchestras and the Nottingham University Philharmonia.

    He was until recently the Musical Director of Blackley Band in Manchester. His composition, ‘The Well of St Winefrid’ for viola, cello and piano was premiered by the Opus 3 Piano Trio in Chicago in 2003 and his band composition ‘The Cistercians’ won the Morecambe Band Centenary Composition Competition in 2004. He currently plays for Middleton Band in Manchester, who commissioned and recorded his composition ‘The Sword and The Star’ with KMJ Recordings on a CD of the same title.

    ‘The Sword and The Star’ has just been published by JAGRINS (who are also publishing ‘The Once and Future King’). Gareth Pritchard of JAGRINS said, “It’s fantastic news for us - our first major Contest Work and hopefully not the last. We have been courting a clutch of new composers and arrangers, of which Andrew is one, for a few years now and it is very pleasing to see our vision is maybe beginning to bear fruit. Andrew is a very talented writer and I’m sure we will all hear a lot more of his music in the future. The piece will be on general release from 26th November.”

    ‘The Once and Future King’ is a suite of 3 movements; each movement was inspired by an Arthurian Legend. The first movement, Tintagel, concerns the famous Cornish promontory said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. The second movement, Lyonesse, takes its inspiration from the mythical land which once joined Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly. The final movement, Badon Hill, takes its title from the legendary site of Arthur’s last battle with the Saxons and is a lively toccata based on the medieval secular song L’Homme Armée (The Armed Man).

    It is said that Arthur only sleeps and will return in a time of dire need - hence the legend that Arthur’s dying words were: “Bury me in Britain, for I am the Once and Future King”.
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    Congratulations, Mr Baker :clap: :biggrin:
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    Thanks, Keith! :D

    I'd like to add; big respect to Jagrins for taking a punt on an unknown composer last summer. I'm delighted to be able to give them some financial reward for their support. Unfortunately the press release on 4BR was "edited" to remove all reference to them so I'd like to put my thanks on record here.

    Any new composers who are looking for a good, conscientious publisher would do well to give Gareth and Gavin a call.
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  4. Gavin

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    Andrew, you're making us blush!

    Our decision was in no small part made because your stuff is good. We're happy that you will get some financial reward for your work out of this too!

    4barsrest do seem to have a problem with press releases with the name JAGRINS in them though. They did the same thing on the new conductor for Lewis Merthyr article that was sent to them (by Lewis Merthyr).

    Ah well, never mind.
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    Wow! Nice one Andy! More wow and well done!! :clap:
    What a talented chap!!!:D
    ps You kept this one quiet at the pub quiz where we slaughtered the opposition!
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    I had a sneak preview of this, actually, as it was sent to me as a possibility for a recording I was working on - it's another nice piece and well worth a look when it comes out.

    I also had another piece off Andrew - "A Short Ride on a Brass Machine" that very, very nearly made it on to a recent CD, but was unfortunately dropped due to lack of rehearsal time. That's another cracker to watch out for :biggrin:
  7. Anno Draconis

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    Aww, shucks, you guys ....:oops:

    And likely to be published by Jagrins in the near future........:D
  8. KMJ Recordings

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    Cool - I mentioned it to them after I'd seen & heard it....wasn't sure if they were progressing it or not. There's my answer :cool:
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    Well done Andy!!!!! :clap:

    Now, how's about doing a proper arrangement of Happy Birthday for us?! :wink:

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    That's fantastic news, congratulations Andy! xx