Andante And Rondo BBb Bass Capuzzi

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  1. Just wondering is there band parts to accompany this solo?
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    Jonathan Mallyon played this a few times at Hadleigh, but I'd have to check whose arrangement it was.

    The version on the Fairey "Diamond Jubilee" recording is credited to Blair, but there are no publisher's details.
  4. Somewhere I have the arrangement. If I find it you can have it, as I'll probably never play it again.
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    To be honest I wouldn't bother playing it....nobody (or relatively few people) are interested in serious bass solo's, especially not Bflat Bass solo's.....well apart from a few nerdy bass players that is. Personally I like the Tuba but the day I buy a CD of serious solos for tuba is the same day I rip off my finger nails and douse the bleeding stumps in vinegar!!!! Tuba solo's should be jovial and light. Im afraid serious Tuba solo's are right up there with drum solo's. Interesting to the player but ultimately boring to the listener.
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    You mean, a solo like this one I arranged & dedicated to fellow tMPer, Andy Cattanach?
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    I'd have to disagree with you there - it was always an audience-pleaser when Jonathan played it, and I also recall a cracking version by the New Zealand Naional Band at Regent Hall a few years ago.

    There is place for light-hearted tuba solos, which can be great fun, but there also need to be opportunities to show its more serious side - surely you wouldn't you want every trombonist to stick with "The Acrobat" every time simply because that fits the public's image of the instrument?
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    :redface: ... back to the drawing board for me then ... :rolleyes:
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    I remember hearing a recording of Phil Catelinet playing this with, if I recall correctly, the New York Staff Band. I believe it was his own arrangement/transcription. It was many years ago.
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    Actually, this is one of the pieces that got me into wanting to play a brass instrument (well, that and quite fancying the 1st baritone player in the local band). I heard it on 'Sounding Brass' and thought it was amazing -it was played by a euph on that recording, I think.

    (Oh, and I'm now married to that baritone player!!):)
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    It's tragic isn't it. Everytime I hear someone like Les Niesh, Katriona Marzella, Steve Mead perform wonderfully, and at a world-class level I feel sad that their talents are wasted on what are essentially limited instruments.