And They were Heroes

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by IYOUNG, Jan 13, 2006.


    IYOUNG Member

    The deep south
    Got invited to an SA rehearsal last night, and had a thoroughly entertaining 2 hours on music i'd never seen nor heard of before.

    One pearticular peice stood out called

    ''And They were Heroes'' by a chap called Cheney (James or John????)

    Based apparantly on 9/11

    Superb music

    Anyone know anything more about it?

  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Hadleigh, Essex
    Haven't come across that particular piece, but the Southern Territorial Band played some of Jim Cheney's music when they were over on tour here in 1996. Something in the back of my mind says he is/was a horn player, but I may be wrong.
  3. kiwiposaune

    kiwiposaune New Member

    Pretty sure Jim spells his last name Cheyne (pronounced chain). Jim is / was (I'm a little out of touch) a superb tenor horn player and studied composition in university at a post graduate level. He's from Michigan and, last I heard lived in Florida.
  4. HSB

    HSB Member

    He was very upset if you called him "Chainy" (as in Dick Cheyne). Was a privelege to meet him just passing through.
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