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    If my memory is serving me adequately I recall the adjudicator Geoff Whitham saying after the First Section in 1992 (Midlands Area -Testpiece - Celebration - Eric Ball) and I paraphrase: 'If this piece is so easy (as some bands had been saying) why can't you play it. If this had been a football match it would have been Eric Ball 3 Bands 0'

    Apologies if the exact detail is not correct but the jist certainly is. After the last two week ends - when I attended the Yorkshire and Midlands Championship sections - one as spectator and the other as participant/spectator - I would say that the same comment still applies today.

    His superbly crafted music still tests any band and, if the packed hall in Bradford is any proof, attracts an audience too.
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    Have to agree with you Jezza and of course the gospel of Mr Whitham, Festival Music has been a good 'leveller'. I must admit I was one of the few people to put my hand up when asked by our conductor "Who's played this before?" and did it with a confident air, what a mistake! After the 1997 Grand Shield as top man for Point of Ayr and as a front row player on Dyke's Eric Ball CD I still found it a toil and really do not want to play it ever again!
    Great music but a bit of a deathtrap!

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