And the Eriksson saga continues....

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Dave Payn, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Aye - just saw that on the news. Odds that Chelsea are one of the 3 teams then?
  3. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Dunno. But whatever he said, or is supposed to have said, if England fail miserably in the World Cup then it'll be as much down to the disruption caused by 'tabloid trash' unsettling the team than anything else, but of course, THEY will blame Eriksson. England haven't always played scintillating football under him but in his time, they've lost ONE qualifying match. A record no other England manager can match.

    I feel sorry for the next incumbent. Still, I hope they don't appoint Steve McClaren. 'A great experience' he said, after Middlesbrough had seven goals put past them last week. Even as a die hard Arsenal fan, I felt sorry for Middlesbrough's players when he said that.

    I realise Dyl, that you're a Welshman and 'perhaps' (I choose that word carefully) you might not care for England's progress in the World Cup, but as an Englishman (albeit living in Scotland) I would like England to do well without the intrusion of some 'cunning stunt' performed by a basement class bog roll such as the NOTW is.

    p.s I would fervently support any British team if they were involved! (Unless, perhaps they were playing England! ;))
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    Also agree with this point Dave - when,sorry, if England fail at the World Cup then the NOTW will be as much, if not more, to blame than Eriksson.
  5. dyl

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    Apparently the clubs concerned are:

    1. Near the bottom of the Prem
    2. One of the most famous clubs (Sky's words)
    3. Club that pays over the top for players of which managers get a cut?

    Oh how I'd love them to be Everton, Man Ure & Chelsea! In fact, I could put up with England winning the WC for that to happen! ;)
  6. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    It'll be 'when', I fear. If England can put out their 'best eleven' for all the matches (which won't include Rio Ferdinand in my humble opinion) they might have a chance of reaching the semis, but they simply don't have the 'strength in depth' squad to last the course (a bit like Arsenal at the mo....). Brazil for me.
  7. Dave Payn

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    Hey, you'd LOVE it if England won the WC. Particularly if they engaged Wales in a friendly afterwards. Remember Scotland at Wembley, April 1967 at the Home International Champs? (something I would LOVE to see brought back!)

    p.s. It's true, I don't actually REMEMBER the England v Scotland 1967 match at the time, - although I was born before then - but I have seen the video! :)
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  8. FlugelD

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    I remember it.


    (Sorry, was there a topic to this thread?...)
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    Can somebody explain to me how there can be illegal transfer payments.

    Dyl..are you saying for example that if Chelsea were guilty, when they bought SWP from Man City (for example)...they may have also given Pearce extra money or Mourinho?

    I'm not quite sure what these allegations are?
  10. Charmed

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    Someone in 'power' obviously wants Eriksson out!

    The best way to ruin a person is to 'unearth' things in their private life, whether it be true, rumours, or suggestions.

    The 'big boys' know how to get rid of someone. Just contact the tabloids!
  11. IYOUNG

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    100% correct

    rest assured Eriksson will be hounded like every other past and future manager until they are out.

    It will make no difference if they are English, Foreign, old, young, a winner, a loser, a manager with an incredible winning record.

    the tabloids will hound them out.

    What amazes me is that some much time is spent by fans, radio phone in's who say how unfair all this is and how damaging to the cause etc etc

    Can't they see, by spending time in reply you are doing exactly what the tabloid trash want you to!!!

  12. Anno Draconis

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    What he said..

    Success doesn't make for a 10 page special in a sunday paper. The simple facts are that SGE is the most successful England manager of all time, no manager has had a better record in competitive internationals and there is no credible successor. McLaren? Curbishley? Do me a favour...

    If England win in Germany Eriksson will have nothing left to prove and will probably leave for club management - then the NOTW will call him a judas. If they don't reach the semis at least, all the tabloid press will call him a failure and hound him out. The guy can't win and he knows perfectly well that he'll probably be out of a job come August. All Eriksson did in this case (he thought) was talk to a rich bloke about a possible job, and give a few opinions over what he thought was a private dinner after a few beers. In the same circumstances, tell me who wouldn't do the same.

    Plus I'd swap you for Toshack any day of the week...
  13. Chris Sanders

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    Couldnt Agree more... :clap:
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    My thoughts exactly, he's a grossly over-rated player.
  15. Chris Sanders

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    I thought he was amazing in the last World Cup, however he's not a shadow of the player he once was...
  16. Andy Moore

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    How do you feel about Scolari taking over the England job after the World Cup? Apparently he would be interested.
  17. PeterBale

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    I believe the suggestion is that transfer fees have been falsely inflated, with managers and/or agents taking additional cuts which are not made public, as they should be.
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    back on topic.

    why is an English newspaper trying to deliberately undermione ht eEngland team in the build up to the WC?

    the newspaper, alaong with most of the media, should be ashamed of themselves yet again.

    Sven is the coach and should be judged on perfortmances (friendlies should be taken less seriously) if England perform badly at the WC (minimum semi-finalsits for me) then that is the time to make a change.

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