And 'eres our Graham with a quick recap!!!

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    With the close of voting time so near,
    The housemates are trembling with fear
    They campaign and bicker and make a fuss
    Although the winning votes are down to us
    Which housemate will emerge Boc of the Year.

    With PMs arriving daily by the score
    “VOTE FOR ME” they all do implore
    Alas, we’re only allowed to vote for one
    A click of the mouse and two will be gone
    Oh! it should be possible to vote for more.

    Into the house Super_Sop did stride
    With 9 new best mates at his side
    With the finalists now down to three
    The winner on Friday we shall see
    Will it be Super_Sop stepping out with pride?

    HBB, known affectionately as Bunny
    Laughs at Kittens fudge ‘cus its runny
    Working very hard with every set task
    A better housemate for no-one could ask
    Will he be the one to run off all the money?

    2nd Man down, many games he did play
    Created lots of fun, what else can I say
    With tennis and swimming and charades
    Brought lots of fun for all his comrades
    Can he come out on top on voting day?

    (Scuse my poor limerick skills)! :? :wink:

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