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    Good evening folks,
    A little food for thought before I refer to a friend who passed away on Christmas Eve 2010.

    How far would you be prepared to travel to attend band practice and a contest?
    This may not be a record, but in 2008 my friend Kurt Klingspor drove from Siegen in Germany to Torquay (some 600 miles or so) to play in a traditional British Brass Band contest. This was a lifetime achievement for him having been a big fan of the British Brass Band movement.

    Sadly, Kurt contracted cancer during last year and died on Christmas Eve. He was reasonably well known as a repairer of brass instruments and a pretty fair tuba player to boot.

    The full obituary is on my blog click here if you are interested in reading about this great guy who is sadly missed by many.

    Marty Boneidol (former brass band player, now gigging and jamming with guitar type bands)


    We at Torbay were sorry to hear of Kurt's passing. He first played with us on our tour in 2008 to Germany, still cannot remember how he blagged that! It was during the trip that he asked if it would ever be possibe for him to come and play in a contest in England. We as a band were happy to make that dream a reality and he did not let himself or us down. Whilst on that trip he was delighted to help repair some instruments for us, although my wife still does not know who caused the dents in her dining room table! Fondly known as the Pink Baron, a man with a big heart, short arms and deep pockets - always remembered.
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