An arrangement commisioning consortium for "The King's Squad" by Waterer

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    Gilroy, CA, USA
    A week or so ago I posted a message here, looking for a Brass Band arrangement of Richard Waterer's march, "The King's Squad." Since then I've located an arranger on the European Continent who has the rights to arrange this march, and is willing to write the arrangement for my band, The Pacific Brass Band, for a fee of 92.50 Euros. The arranger is also open to establishing a consortium of 3 - 6 brass bands to jointly commission this arrangement, for a fee of about 35 Euros for each band. This would allow each band to obtain the arrangement for a substantially lower price, and also allow the arranger to earn a bit more from his arrangement.

    Here's the original Wind Band version of "The King's Squad" march:

    If your band is would like to participate in this consortium, receiving a set of parts and score to this arrangemtn, please contact me directly via email before June 1, 2019. My personal email address is:

    Thanks and best regards,

    Jim O'Briant, Gilroy, California, USA
    Music Director / Staff Arranger, The Pacific Brass Band
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