Amadeus 1992 National Youth Brass Band Of Wales Concert Recording

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by nickjones, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. nickjones

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    Trying to find a contact number for Amadeus recordings .
    Would like to get hold of the NYBBW recording of Of Men and Mountains Conducted by Edwards Gregson recorded live at St Davids Hall Cardiff in 1992 , there was a tape / cd made available to the band , but my copy has gone walkabout.
    Of Men and Mountains wasn't on the release but there was
    1. Men of Harlech - trad
    2. Deep inside the Sacred Temple -
    3. Concerto for Piano and Brass - Merfyn Burtch soloist Martin Jones
    4. Vivat Regina - William Mathias
    5. 1812 Overture arr Denis Wright 1992 Band and Massed players from 1982 - 1992
    6. Symphony No 8 For Brass and Percussion - Alun Hoddinott.

    Would be good to try and get a recording of the complete concert.
    Hope someone can help.
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  3. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Nick, If you do trace one, I'd quite like a CD if one's available. Don't think I ever heard it !

  4. nickjones

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    I have been in touch with Doyen , they don't have the master tape ( or recording ) of the concert , and some copies were sent to WAMF. It's a real shame would have been interesting to have heard it ( can you remember Ron if Of Men and Mountains was the 1992 band or a massed band with the extra players??). I will try Alex at WAMF to see if there are any copies left.

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