Am i just being dull, or is this really not as hilarious as 4br intended????

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Masterblaster jnr, Jan 4, 2009.

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  2. ballyhorn

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    I think you are just being dull......take them in the spirit they were intended...and to doubly think you are dull,you started a thread on here about it :)
  3. PeterBale

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    I don't think the intention was to produce anything anyone would consider in any way "hilarious", but rather a different way to bring together some of the things they consider did not really work during the past year - meant to be thought-provoking, rather than amusing.
  4. ian perks

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    4 bars rest do a great job and i find it really good what they have done;
    But award number 3 for me i would have given to Peter Parkes at the Open it really was the best judges speech ive heard;
    Well done i found it really good as he gave nothing away:clap:
  5. iancwilx

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    They are doing a great job and just having a bit of a gentle laugh at things.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with taking the humorous aspect as long it is not malicious or offensive.
    I sometimes think that some of the sensitive ultra PC souls on here should lighten up.
    They might find life is a little more enjoyable, unless, of course, humour is non PC to the devotees of (IMHO) that ridiculous puritanical mantra !

    - Wilkie (Having a laugh !!)
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  7. Alyn James

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    Definitely dull ( :dunnoyou did ask )....
    BTW, what did Desford do at Brass in Concert?
  8. BigHorn

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    I'm with you mate. Comedians they ain't. Not funny at all. If I was generous I would say its just about bordering on the embarrasing.
  9. themusicalrentboy

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    it's a painfully scripted, horribly embarrassing attempt at amateur comedy.
  10. leisa

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    i suspect you're being dull
  11. andywooler

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    depends if you happen to have just been made redundant by Woolies or MFI - the rest is harmless enough though
  12. Beesa

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    It's another way of getting a few points across. I think a few people would prefer some of the stuff was forgotten though!

    Perhaps if someone was present at all the incidents then they would be better able to pass comment.

    I'll have to go look up all the write-ups now to see what happened.
  13. ronnie_the_lizard

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    I think that's hit the nail on the head - most of the comments are very much "It was funny if you were there at the time" type comments and without giving us details - for instance about Desfords BiC appearance - they mean absolutely nothing.

    Nice to see them include their own "Scouting report" for not being updated in 6 months though.
  14. StellaJohnson

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    Beat me to it!! Don't really follow the brass band world. So no I found none of them funny.
  15. Despot

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    Ditto. Not funny at all. It's a series of "in-jokes" that probably seemed hilarious to their close circle of friends.
  16. Beesa

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    Here's the 4barsrest retrospective for the 2008 Brass in Concert and here's a good selection of photos

    I'm quite curious now, I'll have to make the effort to go along this year. It looks fun. I wish 4barsrest or someone could give a fuller review of what the bands did rather than a critique. I'm still no wiser as to what Desford did though.

    Results are here

    Good to see Stavanger did well. What were the ladies doing?
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    Here we go again!!! I feel like you pundits are not happy unless you have some way to have a go at 4barsrest. IMHO, they provide the best news service we have in brass banding...and for free!!

    It reminds me of the quote "no publicity is bad publicity." When no positive praise is given for good stuff, the media will present the negative stuff to get good ratings/download numbers. If you really want a change, don't read the bad pages, only the positive ones (they can check page downloads I'm sure).

    Case in point... there were massive complaints on tMP about being too critical at Pontins. For a change of pace, shortly after Pontins, the U.S. Open review was VERY kind in their reviews, yet with enough guidance to give readers an idea why bands finished where they were. No complaints, no comments...(although in fairness perhaps because nobody cares about US banding)...however, if that's the kind of review people want (non-controversial)...perhaps positive e-mails should've been in the "4BR inbox" about that write up.

    I really think people want the controversial, negative reviews, attempts at humour, etc... if they didn't interest would stop and they would change their policy!
  18. themusicalrentboy

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    4barsrest is the best news service we have as a banding community no doubt - but they should stick to what they do best which ISN'T weak humour.
  19. DocFox

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    I read 4 bars rest often, but this statement I agree with. A few were funny. But brass banding extends beyond the UK. Lots of what seemed to be inside jokes, that this dull Yankee didn't quite get.

    I yet I consider myself pretty well versed in the brass band world. :dunno

  20. Beesa

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    Well I enjoyed the article. A bit of controversy has certainly stirred up a bit of debate and interest on this site. So in that respect it has been a successful bit of reporting. 4br has the courage and freedom to occasionally step outside of the staid reporting frame that becomes a bit tedious elsewhere.

    I haven't been to Brass in Concert for over 10 years but as a result of the article and seeing a few photos, I think I'll pop along to this year's event. It looks like fun.