Alternative for DW Flugelmouthpiece??

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Flugelfrank, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Flugelfrank

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    As a flugelplayer I`m still searching for an alternative for my DW 4F mouthpiece.The DW 4 F has an uncomfortable rim, but I like the warm sound! I tried an Yamaha 14F4 GP which is very comfortable and has a nice sound but not as the DW.Thought about the Alliance Flugel mouthpiece, which are based on DW.
    Does anyone know which Alliance Flugel mouthpiece compares to a DW4F??
    On the site of DW I can read the bore,cup diameter,rim width, but the site of roger gives me only the cup diameter.
  2. cornydevil

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    I played on a DW 2FL and then changed to an Alliance 2FL which was the DW equivalent. I found it to be a superb mouthpiece with a very comfortable rim (I believe there are two different rim options). I am not sure whether they do a 4FL equivalent though.
  3. Par10

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    For a long time I was searching for a Flugel and Cornet mouthpiece with the same rim configurations, I was playing a DW3B on Cornet and a DW3RW on Flugel. I have found the Curry 3VC for Cornet and the Curry 3FLD for Flugel to be very comfortable and to have a really good tone. Hope this helps.
  4. Flugelfrank

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    Well, finally I found my perfect Flugelmouthpiece, I ordered an alliance 3 CF (gold rim)from Roger and for me its absolutely perfect, nice warm sound, comfortable Rim and easy playing! Our Solo Flugel section in our fanfare band all switched to Alliance!!

    I think in the future many dutch Fanfare players will switch from DW to an Alliance!!

    Cheers Frank

    Ps (for sale DW 4F:)))))))))))))))))))))