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    Hi all

    most bands (dsb included) have the usual most improved .....etc.

    last year at our dinner / disco i presented some alternative awards.

    has anyone done something similar ?

    i'm after some ideas for this year :biggrin:

    last year we had the :

    where are we / where from ? award
    agruus award (carried mutes in a bright green argos bag)
    dapper award (best dressed on the night)
    biggest mess up award (alternative wording, but you get the idea)
    worst haircut award

    thoughts ?
  2. We presented our 2nd trombone player (brianatb) with a Christmas novelty jumper a couple of weeks ago at our patrons evening as he has some interesting tastes in jumpers!
  3. In my last band I kept moaning about the amount of jazz ans wing music which was played.... so at the end of year dinner I received the most improved swinger award.
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    What about "least plausable excuse for missing a rehearsal" ....?
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    We had our band dinner a couple of weeks ago - If you PM me your email address, I can send you the list of awards I made up for this event - It's was a very good night!


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