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    Thanks for the info. Brian! I was given more than a few cassette compilations of various SA bands and music from years gone by to get a better understanding of that particular area of banding. That David King has embraced SA music and is not shy of performing it with YBS is testament to it's quality! There should really be more volumes of RSA's works on CD by them because his output has been prolific, standing the test of time! (... including Seascapes on the next CD please, .... 2nd mvt. is pure class).
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    Has anyone mentioned The Holy War. I have not yet reached saturation with that piece - I think it's RSA's best!
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    Hey Brian, I just realized - I wrote that program note about Symphonette!
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    While YBS play very well and produce some juicey bass sounds, there's an excessive use of pedal notes which are not written in the scores.
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    I just found another gem from RSA .... King's Minstrel! (from the LP 'Visions' by The Chalk Farm Band). Nice little solos throughout and lots of catchy material to keep players and audience entertained! When was this written? (sounds like one of his earlier pieces).
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    It checked with him this morning.
    He said he wrote The King's Minstrel in the 1960's.
    He couldn't be more specific as he was writing a lot in those days.
    He was flattered to learn that his music was being discussed in a forum such as this.
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    The King's Minstrel is a great piece to play, full of odd, quirky moments, inspired as it was by one of the early SA pioneers who wasn't afraid to make a fool of himself to attract a crowd! Played it as recently as last year with Cambridge Heath Brass.
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    What's Cambridge Heath Brass? Is it any relation to Cambridge Heath SA Band? And are they still going?
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    ... thanks for finding out, Carl! The modesty of RSA left me speechless (... makes a change ;) ). In my opinion, he is a giant in the history of brass band music. He takes ideas by the scruff of the neck and presents them in a way that has to make conductors, players and listeners think. I doubt if any bander has not played something by him, even if it is only warming up with his hymnbook arrangements. With Dyke and the ISB doing regular joint concerts, wouldn't it be great if he penned a double band concerto to highlight and contrast both styles of playing?
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    Cambridge Heath brass is an off-shoot, if you like, from Cambridge Heath SA Band. Due to people relocating, as is common with an inner-city location, the number of active bandsmen and women was decreasing, although the corps itself was thriving, with a very active community programme and good Sunday attendnace. Cambridge Heath Brass was formed to provide a band as and when required, and is made up largely of people who have had connections with the Corps over the years. They still play for the watch-night service at St Pauls cathedral, and are off to Paris next weekend (not me, unfortunately, due to prior commitments elsewhere :( ).
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    There is also a recording by the Amsterdam Staff Band, on the cd "Amsterdam Staff Band"
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    I shall look forward to the next Chatham band CD, especially if it has some RSA on it!
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    The ISB have recently recorded Daystar.
    It will be the title track of their recording due to be launched at the Epic Brass II concert next month.
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    I recently got my hands on a relatively clean copy of the Canadian Staff Band LP "Logos" which, in addition to the title track, also includes "Sparkling Slides" and the march "High Council" from Ray Steadman-Allen.

    I agree that "Logos" is overdue for a new recording but am glad to hear the news of "Daystar".