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    Found a wee bit of info. on the CSB site ...

    "In 1974, the band undertook its first major overseas tour, visiting England, Scotland and Wales. Highlights included Deryck Diffey's presentation of Golden Slippers at the Royal Albert Hall, where the CSB shared the stage with the International Staff Band.

    During these years, the band was also featured regularly at congresses and commissionings, including the 90th Anniversay Eastern Canada Congress in 1982, led by General Erik Wickberg at Toronto's Varsity Arena. The band also was a regular feature at the annual Spring Festivals and the Festivals of Gospel Song inaugurated by Major Bearcroft, held each fall at Toronto's historic Massey Hall.

    A large part of the band's musical ministry has always been through its recordings. Original LPs from these early years included The Gospel Train, Home for Christmas, Golden Slippers, Salute to Montreal, The Sound of Britain, Logos and The Newfoundlander."
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    ... the length of the piece is just over 19 minutes (I just found an old cassette recording) ;)

    re: Daystar .... Intrada Brass did indeed record it on their CD featuring the music of RSA!
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    In addition to the CSB lp, Logos was also used (in a vocalised version) at one of the Councils Festivals at the RAH (can't say which one off hand, as I'm at home and my index is at work). I certainly agree it would be good to have a new recording, as it is one of my favourite RSA works - incidentally, the original title is given as "Logos I" as he had it in mind to write a rather different work on the same theme.
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    ... just listened to the recording and it has the short narratives and choral parts included!
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    I'd forgotten that one. For those interested, here's the track listing. It was recorded by Ted Marshall, dated from 1995 and is very good. I just checked their website ( and it's no longer listed.

    Hadleigh Camp
    Go Down Moses
    Pavilions of Praise
    Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals (Russell Gray)
    Lord of the Sea
    Happy in the Fight (David Robertson; Russell Gray)
    God's Soldiers
    St. Magnus (Hymn Tune)
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    1979, I believe! The ISB also played an arrangement of Themes from Beethovens 8th, that i've never heard since and don't think was published. Good arrangement, I wonder what ever happened to it?
    Another great 'unpublished' work featured that day was 'The Childhood suite' featuring childrens songs in the style of classical composers (by the festival chorus).
    Yet another- the horn feature 'On the Sunny Side', since recorded by the Household Troops band on a Norman Bearcroft tribute album, late 1990's.

    Why were none of these works published??..... :oops:
  7. That's a super track list IMHO. Lord of the Sea is one of his best works.
  8. Went to Derby Central SA a few years back for a RSA festival and the central band played it and RSA was present,he was one very proud man when they nailed it.
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    So, if the ISB, Enfield, Hendon, etc, or even YBS, Black Dyke, Grimethorpe, Fodens, Faireys, or Brighouse are wondering what to include on their next CD, then it seems that there would be a market for a recording of "Logos" and /or "Daystar"...
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    I don't think anyone has mentioned the recording of "Daystar" by Enfield Citadel Band (James Williams) on their "Milestone" CD of 1996. It's a fine performance and the whole CD is recommendable. RSA's march "Crown of Conquest" is also on it.
  11. Brian Bowen

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    A choral and band (ISB) version was performed at the 1990 International Congress Composers' Festival in Wembley Arena, conducted by the composer. I think the narrator was John Gowans. I remember playing in the first band performance by the ISB (Bernard Adams) at the RAH whenever that was.
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    Ok back on topic, has anyone actually heard this CD yet?!
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    Ho yuss - Fantasia is a brilliant piece. I have a tape recording of it from an ancient LP (also included Vaughan Williams Prelude on Three Welsh Hymn Tunes) with the composer at the piano (and a G Trombone instead of Bass trombone). It's fantastic!

    Would love to hear Logos - RSA is a great composer.

    I also have a partial recording of Bristol Easton playing The Warrior Psalm at Hamilton (Glasgow) in the early 90's. My tape recorders batteries ran out half way through!

    I actually have a lot of this stuff on MP3 (Lord of the Sea with Tottenham band, Pavilions of Praise with the ISB live in 92, Deryck Diffey playing Golden Slippers in 1974 in Edinburgh) but I imagine there would be copyright issues about making it available. Actually, maybe not the live stuff, seeing as I recorded it myself. Not sure what the implications are?

    I'm sure I'll be told fairly quickly!
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    Yes - terrific recording, it's become my car music to and from work!

    Amongst all the big works is a gem of an SA meditation - In quiet Pastures. The piece takes on a whole new light for me with YBS playing it -as have so many other SA works that they recorded in their 'Essays' series.

    Highly recommended!!!
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    yep great cd had it arrive last wednesday its on in the car all the time RSA has done some brilliant compositions over the years, even in my younger days when I played in Evesham SA band if it had got RSA's name on it you thought this should be good and it was.

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    ... rummaging through some old cassettes I found a recording by the New York Staff Band playing 'Romans 8, A Brass Celebration'. Is this the only other recording apart from YBS?
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    The Salvation Army National School of Music centered its week-long course around the piece in 1985. The 'A' Band performed it in the final concert. An LP was made and is jealously guarded by everyone that has a copy!
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    Other recordings I'm aware of are Hendon on the tape "Salvation Sounds" and the tape of the 1986 Music Leaders' Councils Festival at the RAH.

    The NYSB recording I've got is on the cd "On a hymnsong", produced for the 1999 European visit.
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    Thanks for the help guys! I was surprised how fresh the work sounds.

    p.s., the other work on the tape by NYBS is 'Symphonette (Stephen Bulla)'. Is this some sort of tribute to Dean Goffin's 'Rhapsody In Brass' ??? (... there are far too many similarities throughout with harmonic progressions and snippets (inverted, developed or whatever) blatantly used from the piece). It would make a good lower section test-piece.
  20. Brian Kelly

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    Boscombe SA Band also recorded "Romans 8" on cassette, later re-released on CD.

    The 1999 NYSB CD "On a Hymnsong" to which Peter refers also includes "Symphonette". Maybe you have the casette version of this CD?

    According to the CD notes:

    "Commissioned by Southwestern Michegan College, the composer (Stephen Bulla) penned this concert work as a tribute to the late Commissioner (Sir) Dean Goffin (1916-1984)....

    In three movements, Symphonette strongly exhibits elements of Goffin's music, in particular his "Rhapsody in Brass", however still retains a distinctly American flavour. The first movement follows a clear Goffin model, developing the opening motif in true rhapsodic nature. The melodic material gradually builds upon itself, eventually reaching a joyful, carnival-like climax.
    The second movement departs from the Goffin framework, featuring a melody known in America as "The Water's Wide". The tune seems to have had its beginnings in the United Kingdom as a folk tune named "O Waley Waley". Here however, the words of the former are used as the basis for a meditative study, with the tune receiving an expanded arrangement.
    The third movement reverts to the rhapsodic framework, with a lively, new motif introduced by the flugel horn and trombone. As a reference to Goffin's roots, the composer later includes a jaunty Maori melody7 known as "Shout the Sound". Following a majestic recapitulation of the movement's opening theme, the work is brought to a close in a flurry of excitement."

    I agree it would make a good test piece. I believe it was also played by Norwich Citadel Band on their 1998 tour of the USA (though it is not on their tour recording) but since then it seems to have vanished, and, to my knowledge, has not been played or recorded by any other leading SA or contesting band. Maybe it has never been published?