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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by GJG, May 5, 2005.

  1. GJG

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    Anyone received/listened to their copy of the new Steadman-Allen/YBS recording yet?



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    Nice's about time there was a studio recording of "Hymn at Sunrise"..well done YBS
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  4. GJG

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    No; (has my complimentary copy got lost in the post, I wonder ... ??? ;) ) That's why I posted, get some idea of what other people thought before I shell out my hard-earned readies.

    [OK, I admit it, I'm sulking because they didn't include the "Warrior Psalm"; nor have the ISB recorded it yet, despite my repeated lobbying via a certain well-known (on tMP at least) member of their bass section ...]

    No, seriously, I can't imagine me holding out for long before I buy it.

  5. carlwoodman

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    I've tried my best but the next ISB CD looks like including On Ratcliff Highway as the only RSA work.
    You'll just have to wait until the next Chatham Band CD!
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    There's an excellent review by Philip Wilby in this weeks BB which should reach subscribers tomorrow.
  7. cujo_134

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    Have you recorded it yet??
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  9. John Brooks

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    ISB already recorded this on By Love Compelled; I know it was a few years ago (1990) but, with other quality music from RSA still not available (Logos and Daystar are two that come to mind) it seems a strange choice to me. YBS recorded it more recently on Essays - Vol.1 and it's also on the new NYSB CD - Glorifico, due out next week which is possibly the best argument against doing it again. In my collection I also have older recordings by Enfield; Kettering and Melbourne Staff Band.

    Let me make it clear, I've nothing against the music, I believe it's great stuff; but I would be interested in hearing the rationale for including it.
  10. GJG

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    In fact, I have vinyl recordings of both "Logos" (CSB/Bearcroft - Date uncertain; mid/late '70's?) and "Daystar" (live from the 1978 International Congress - ISB/NYSB/Melbourne Staff massed bands), although this is not to say that both these works aren't well overdue for up-to-date studio recordings (together with "Warrior Psalm" of course ... ! )

    I certainly wouldn't consider another version of "Ratcliff" to be a priority, great piece though it is.
  11. John Brooks

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    The Warrior Psalm has only been recorded once to my knowledge, on A Psalm of Praise by Bristol Easton Band. I have Daystar from 1978 as well but somehow don't have the CSB version of Logos anymore; one of life's mysteries.

    Another good one is On Active Service, which I believe was written as a tribute to George Marshall. Personally I would also love to hear a definitive recording of Fantasia too. I know it was recently done by Kettering but, from what I've read, there are some tuning issues on that release.

    How about a further RS-A CD with the following:

    The Warrior Psalm
    On Active Service
    The High Council

    YBS or ISB, just let me know when I can place my order :)

    Do I have any seconders?
  12. GJG

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    Actually there is another version of "Warrior Psalm" by Coventry City SA (I didn't know about the Bristol Easton one in fact - does anyone know if it's still available?), but, without wanting to be too indelicate, I don't think the recording/performance/interpretation does much for the piece.

    "High Council" is also on the CSB "Logos" recording; fantastic piece.

    Yes, I'll happily second your suggestion!

  13. brassneck

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    :frown: ... I'm still disappointed that there isn't a studio recording of 'Seascapes' yet!
  14. Brian Kelly

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    "Daystar" was recorded on CD by the Melbourne Staff Band in the early '90s. I also have it on a CD by Boscombe SA Band from the late '80s, which I suspect is a re-release of an earlier cassette or LP recording.

    I have heard about "Logos" but never heard it, and would be most interested in a CD recording.

    I am looking forward to getting "Alpha and Omega". Is "The Beacons" on it? A great piece of music.
  15. choirmaster

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    I'm sure that Intrada brass from Canada ( cond.- Bram Gregson) also recorded Daystar. It has to be one of my all time favourites, a beautiful piece of writing and sadly overlooked. I don't think it has even been published.:( I think the harmonization of the tune Ascalon, which runs through it was later put to good use by being included in the S.A.'s tune book which arrived a few years later (1983?).
  16. brassneck

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    Wasn't Logos written for the ISB in the late '60s and recorded by the Canadian Staff Band?
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    Certainly is.
    Check it out HERE and pick up a copy from the World of Brass trade stand at Blackpool tomorrow.
  18. Brian Kelly

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    I'd forgotten about that recording! Intrada Brass did record it on a tribute CD for Ray Steadman-Allen. If I remember correctly ( I can't be bothered digging it out at this time of night) , it also includes "On Active Service", and some great cornet playing from guest soloist Russell Grey.
  19. Brian Kelly

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    I think it was written for a big SA event - an International Congress perhaps? - in the early '70s. It was first performed by the ISB, and later recorded by the Canadian Staff Band on an LP, conducted by Norman Bearcroft. Apparently it is such a big piece that it took up an entire side of the LP!
  20. Brian Kelly

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    Alas, I can't be at Blackpool tomorrow. I'll just have to get it from the 'net or at a trade stand at the next big event, such as the Bridgewater Hall Brass Arts Festival or at the Open.