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    I know that renting allotments is becoming quite 'trendy' with some places having very long waiting lists. Does anyone else have an allotment? I have been growing veg for a while but I managed to get a plot this year - yey! Apparently this makes me even more of a geek but I am loving it! Any other banders also into growing veg? All I need to do is take a battery-powered CD player with me and convert everyone else there into brass band music!
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    :eek: That's not very green and organic - Surely you should find a wind-up one rather than batteries?

    Sadly as I now work all over the place I don't have a chance to grow anything except occasionally beansprouts if I'm in the same place more than a few days.

    In the past in the garden of various houses I've owned or rented I have grown loads of stuff - runner beans and spinach are dead easy even just in a border or a large plantpot & give you loads of meals, and with virtually no work at all loganberries get to run so wild that you can't keep up with picking and eating/freezing them all. Redcurrants, gooseberries & rhubarb are good 'low input' crops too if you like crumbles, but are more of a long term investment - asparagus too. Peas & sweetcorn taste so much better if you have them freshly picked.
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    I did have one but sadly had to give it up when I started work. It was huge and I didn't have the time to keep it up. The site I had the allotment on insists on all sites being fully cultivated all the time and I couldn't find anyone to share it with me
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    I never claimed to be totally green! I may get there one day but I do have to start somewhere! :) Very true about growing veg in the garden or even pots though Ron. It is very easy. I know the RHS did an experiment to see how much veg could be grown in a small space (I think it was something like 6ft square) and it was quite impressive. Most of the young people I work with (16-19) have no idea about cooking or where food comes from which I find very scary!
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    Rachel your becoming such a country bumpkin!!!

    I have a question that i forgot to ask you before!!

    My chilli plant is doing vey well and is just starting to flower, atm it is being held up by a pen as i keep forgetting to buy ice lollys to get the sticks.

    Whenyou gave me the plant io cannot remember what you said about pollenating it I have been puttin it outside occassionally but should i be using a brus on it as well because what if a bee goes nowhere near it?? John is gettin impatient for his chillies so i dont want to disappint ;) also what do i do next?

    I am slightly clueless on all things green we just go through alot of chillies...
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    I guess it has started flowering then Leisa! Just brush a paintbrush between all the flowers that are open, or if you do not have a paintbrush just use your finger! The difficult thing is to remember to keep on doing this because if you miss a flower out it will not develop into a chilli. Should be 2-3 weeks to get a chilli from the flower so not long now to wait!

    p.s I would be quite happy to be country bumpkin! :tongue:
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    Thank yoo i shall try that. the only problem with our garedn is that its not really a garden its a yard and there are kids opposite the yad playin footie...i worry for my chillie plant that the football may one day kill it!! so i dont like leaving it out for long!! hehe Thanks Rach...I might try a tomatoe plant next!!! x
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    ladies, ladies...this is a family friendly forum for goodness sake, is all this chilli titivating really appropriate?? :rolleyes:
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    If you want to grow veg in a small space, look up Square Foot Gardening on t'Internet and then buy the book. It really is a lazy way to garden, but very productive.
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    Not my problem. Got more garden than you can shake a stick at (and a big stick at that). It takes three hours to mow the lawns with a 6' ride on mower, whilst avoiding the 83 pear trees. Will have to get my Fergy out and plough up a veg plot though. Although it's easier to nip over the fence and "borrow" potatoes from the neighbours field (oops, hope he's not a reader)


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    We've ripped up half our back garden to make a vegetamable patch. It's starting to look quite good, and all the rain this weekend has been great. I've also got more tomato plants round the place than you can shake a fairly respectably sized stick at!
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    One thing I really miss about living at home is the home grown fruit and veg. Between them, my Mum and Grandad grow Runner beans, Broad beans, Peas, Carrots, Cabbage, Broccolli Lettuce, Tomatoes, Spring onions, Radishes, Beetroot, sweetcorn, strawberries, raspberries, Marrow, Corguettes, Onions, Garlic, Chillis, Melons, Rhubarb and experiment with all sorts. They all taste so much better fresh from the garden!

    Unfortunately, you can't grow much in concrete, which is what is covering the garden at my rented house :(
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    Oh yes you can. Look up Square Foot Gardening. :D
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    We grow lots of fruit and veg at home (I say we, but I mean my mum and dad - I just do the eating!). And the neighbours also do lots of growing in their gardens the villlage their are tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, herbs, corguettes, onions, chillis, melons, grapes, carrots, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, cabbages and way too many runner beans growing...we rarely have to buy any sort of fruit or veg during the summer!
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    Ooo posh, a blog of your allotment! We have a small garden, got some pots with veg in it, and quite a few tomatoes in the conservatory. Next year we're going for some small raised beds (stuff the grass ;)). I'm going through tons of spinach at the moment (diets... :rolleyes:) so it might be an idea to grow lots of it!
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    Thanks Kirsty. Just make your raised beds either 3 or 4ft width so you can reach into the middle. You can grow loads in raised beds. Take a read up on 'square foot gardening' was linked up earlier in this thread. Good luck!
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    I don't believe this - grew some potatoes in bags, got some tomato plants and a strawberry plant in pots in garden to show 2 1/2 yr old son where food comes from - and got into it - approached local council re allotment on Monday and got allocated 1/4 plot on the Wednesday! 37.5 Sq Metres (gulp)

    Drop into tmp for usual lunch time trawl and there's an allotment thread!

    Are we Uber geeks then? brass band and allotments, I'll get my cap!

    nice Blog sparkling_quavers - even more excited now!
  20. sparkling_quavers

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    Good luck with your plot William! Get yourself on similar to here, but about allotments. I am the ultimate geek and proud!