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  1. Lisa

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    Whilst searching for some music I came across this site:
    It sounds really good as the downloads are very cheap, so I was thinking about signing up for it...
    But I'm also a bit distrustful as it is soooo cheap and I've never heard of it before!
    So I was just wondering whether anyone else has heard of/used this site? Should I sign up or not?
  2. AndyCat

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    Use it a lot. Never had any problems at all.
  3. johnmartin

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    It's based in Russia and it doesn't have licences for everything it has for sale. It complies with Russian copyright law but not necessarily that of the UK. Read about it on the Register. It's a conscience call really.
  4. AndyCat

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    Yes, I know. But less of a conscious call than Limewire, Kazza or Bit Torrents ;-)
  5. timbloke

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    Recently started using it, and think it is great. Ok it is a grey market supply - but it is easier to search and quicker to download than any P2P software "a friend" uses. "My friend" reckons it's the quickest to get what "he" wants since the days of Audiogalaxy, and for a few cents a track, cannot argue really.
  6. Jasper

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    Have used it for 18+ months........good problems spyware/malware .....quick downloads......decent content....ability to choose higher bit rates (better quality) MP3's and not P2P file-share.

    Deffo worth a look.
  7. timbloke

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    SO since all of these posts, first the UK music industry took allofmp3 to court, then allofmp3 started charging more, then VISA and most other credit card companies blocked allofmp3. So game over for those wanting to "booze cruise" for mp3s. unless you feel like visiting which VISA has not yet blocked. and which is not as well known yet. no doubt it'll not be long before it gets block/sued etc. Not as user freindly as allofmp3, a bit more basic, but as cheap and has almost as much music, certainly anything mainstream.

    but before i start using it I have some legally type questions.

    If I travel to France to buy cheap wine, am I breaking the law? Even if i suspect it to be a French tax dodge?
    if I go on-line and find, say, a cheap CD for sale in Germany, which works out cheaper to buy than over here (including shipping) am I breaking the law if I buy it?
    What if I suspect it to be stolen? If it is proven to be stolen am I breaking the law?
    If I choose to buy music from a russian website because it is cheaper, am I breaking the law? What if I suspect that it is stolen?
    It is such a grey area, what are the chances that prosecutions will land on those who use it?
  8. KMJ Recordings

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    My understanding, Tim, is that no-one involved in the process sees any royalties from 'sales' from sites such as these.

    Essentially, these files are alledgedly uploaded by people who have no rights over them who then proceed to take all the revenue generated by the the artists / labels / authors / composers etc see none of the money that is due to them. Take it one step further, and why should they bother doing it at all if they get nothing out of it? Would you be a plumber if nobody ever paid you?

    As to the prosecution of users of the site, if it is in common knowledge that it is 'illegal' then trying to plead ignorance is I believe not an acceptable defence in a court of law. Currently, it is the suppliers and uploaders of illegal materials that are the main targets but I'm sure there will be a time where end users are targetted (I know of a couple of stories of people getting letters from their ISP on behalf of Universal Pictures for movie downloads, but whether or not they're urban myths or not is up for debate).
  9. brassneck

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    The argument basically comes down to the payment of royalties on sales of tracks or albums. Sale distributors or public performances of the recorded music have to pay a small percentage of costs to the copyright holders for it to be legal. So far, and according to yesterday's news, there is still no law in Russia to protect the copyright holder. In simple terms, they can get away with it until the International community gets the authorities to draft a law to stop them!
  10. johnmartin

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    Which was one of the main topics for discussion at a meeting between Putin, Bush and Blair.
  11. It's an international law loophole. They operate from Russia because Russia's laws permit them to sell music without paying royalties. But they sell to the rest of the world where royalties should be paid. It's like a tax dodge, if you have your bank account on the Isle of Man or in Switzerland but spend the money in the UK.

    There are plenty more like them, eg. Mp3sugar, Mp3fusion, - do a google search for "mp3 free". For the moment, it's a conscience call as someone has pointed out. But it will probably become illegal in the near future.
  12. brassneck

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  13. brassneck

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    - the heat's already starting to burn ...