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  1. Just seen this review for Alliance mouthpieces on 4BR:

    has anybody seen/tried them?
    They appear to have a lot of big names on board (e.g. lesley howie for horn) and have a lot of mouthpieces for every band instument already.
  2. Gabriel Soboe

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    Yes! I have a TH1 and a TH2, highly recommended!!!! The DW2 is dead! ;)
  3. well i suppose that is the question, will they be able to compete with wick who almost have a monopoly on certain band instruments. i dont know whether id be tempted to put away the dw2 i've been playing on for the last 10 years!!
  4. sop 1

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    iv just got the sop + very nice to play on.
    been playing on warburtons for the past 7 years,but this gives a bigger sound (needs a lot more air tho :D ) also the rim is very comftable!
  5. MoominDave

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    The question of monopolies is an interesting one. For many years, players who play brass-band-only instruments have been denied the choice that players of other instruments have had. Since Boosey & Co. et al systematically eliminated the competition from smaller makers in the early years of the 20th century, leaving us with the B&H / Besson 'giant' brand, the R&D input to the market has gradually stagnated; no competition equals no incentive for the manufacturers to make their instruments better. Improvements in the intervening years in their range have typically been of the 'add a bell and a whistle' variety, rather than attempting to produce something that significantly outperforms the previous model. The one step change that was attempted was the introduction of the 'Sovereign' range, and this was implemented poorly enough [cf. 20+ years of Sovereign euphoniums with dire top register tuning problems] that a competing manufacturer who knew what they were doing would have blown their market share out of the water at the time.

    Mouthpieces are a slightly different story - Wick had the monopoly by supplying with B&Hs/Bessons for many years, despite their designs being something of an acquired taste for many players. They have started to innovate somewhat recently, in response to the threat to their market share from other, newer, manufacturers - the SM range of mouthpieces is a genuine innovation, and very successful; the Heritage range is more of a gimmick, in my opinion, although the belated introduction of a 1G-sized bass trombone mouthpiece (the 00AL) with that range is no bad thing.
    Trombonists have known for years that a Wick mouthpiece is rarely the best interface between them and their instrument, and have benefited from the explosion of small mouthpiece manufacturers in the US, particularly. At last, some choice is being offered to those out there who only play band instruments... [It's just a shame that it's happening in parallel with the onset of a recession...]
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    Just looking at their trombone range:

    The comparisons aren't the most professionally done. BT2 equates to "Conn"?? Conn what? Conn don't even make mouthpieces as themselves anymore - my new Conn bass trombone came [in Nov last year] with a CKB 1-1/2G (where CKB stands for "Conn-King-Benge"). I have never seen a specifically Conn mouthpiece - they do exist, but they are old and very rarely used. And what size do they mean?
    Why the switching between Bach, Conn, Wick, and Schilke comparisons? Why not be consistent?
    From the phrasing of the 4BR review, it's clear that the comparisons that they make are simply verbatim repetitions of those supplied in the literature.
    It's a shame that they haven't had a big name bass trombonist on board to help design the specialist pieces. This seems a bit of an oversight - there are plenty around who would I'm sure have been happy to provide some feedback in return for a mention in the literature, and the omission of one makes me suspect that the bass trombone pieces may be not quite focussed on what bass trombone players will want them to do.
  7. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    p.s. I'd happily help them tidy up the bass trombone mouthpiece comparisons in return for a trial on their BT1 and BT2! I've got enough sizes of other varieties lying around... :)
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    I had the chance to try one of their cornet mouthpieces last week - it might work well for Roger Webster, but I will be sticking with my Wick (until I upgrade to the new Wick Heritage cornet mouthpieces, which are something VERY special)

    I find it interesting that they say that all Besson Prestige instruments are being sold with an Alliance mouthpiece - I have had two students purchase Prestige cornets and both have come with Wick mouthpieces. I wonder if the retailers are putting a more recognisable brand in with the instrument?
  9. sop 1

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    uv got to try a mouthpiece for more than just a hour/day! give it chance to work! iv been playing on warburtons for more than 6/7 years but the alliance mouthpieces are really worth giving a fair try!
  10. brassneck

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    Hmmm ... I've just visited the DW site and looked at the tuba mouthpieces. It seems they no longer manufacture the traditonal DW design (for tubas) if this page is accurate.
  11. Liamhorn

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    Ive played the DW2 for the past 11 years, until i get my prestige :)P) I'll be sticking with it.
    Ive got no problems with the DW2 so no need to change it :)
    although i would be up for giving it a try.
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  12. Rapier

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    But Liam you play(ed) on a vincent bach and a DW2 love child.
  13. Liamhorn

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    Sorry, i'm confused by what you mean here.
  14. Rapier

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    Aren't you the Liam from Tiverton that helped Watchet RBL? If so you had a vincent bach rim on a DW2 made. You showed it to me (I had one made too). If you are a different Liam, I can see why you'd be confused.
  15. Liamhorn

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    Ah yes thats right, hah sorry very confused there! Didn't realize "rapier" was you Tim :D
  16. Rapier

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    It isn't. It's Dave (from the Town Band)
  17. Rapier

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    Alliance might sell more mouthpieces if you could actually get through to someone to order them. Been trying all morning! And don't say buy on line, because there isn't the option for gold rim on the Horn mouthpiece page.


    I would be reallt interested to hear from anyone who has tried the tuba mouthpieces. I don't think that there is anything that will ever tempt me of the mike Finn 2 for BBb bass, but would like to see if there is anything to rival the old VB 24AW that I have always used on EEb as I don't like DW mouthpieces! (just my own personal opinion on DW, before anyone jumps down my throat!)

  19. Mike Saville

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    Well I and several prominent professional players must have been living on another planet for the past few years! I don't think we can say that a Wick is 'rarely' the best - a personal opinion rather than a stats me thinks . . .

    I do however agree that as trombonists we do have a larger choice than players of cornet, horn, tuba etc. Over the past few years I have tried mouthpieces by Yamaha, Schilke, Bach, Stomvi, Warburton, Griego, Greg Black, Rath, Remmington, Marcinkiewicz, Stork, Kelly and Curry. And guess what? I'm still playing the Wick 4.5AL that I first used in 1989.

    Still, I'd be interested to try the Alliances pieces when I get a chance.
  20. MoominDave

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    A number that a quick tally up of serious trombonists that I know suggests is a small fraction (less than 1 in 10, I would estimate) prefer Wicks for day-to-day use. That justifies 'rarely' to me, particularly in the context here of brass band players of other instruments, where Wicks dominate. I'd be interested to see a survey.

    I have been getting a little bit into a 4AL on my 88H recently though...

    Edit: My feel is that the number of tenor trombone players on Wicks is relatively higher than the number of bass trombone players on Wicks?