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    Stanley (and Dave...)

    I've found an old Mt Vernon 7 trom mouthpiece that I got in a joblot a few years ago - no idea whether it's large or small shank (any idea how to tell? approximate shank-end diameters of each?) and no idea whether it's something that'd be likely to help you, but I'd be happy to send it your way if it's of any use (Dave - any idea?)
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    It'll be small shank, so wouldn't fit Stanley's new trombone. Sell it on - you might get a few pennies for a Mt Vernon piece (i.e. older Bach), as they're prized - although it isn't a particularly popular size.
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    If you're looking for a local stockist, it may be worth trying Larch Music in Haxby - Larch Music . They did a trade stand at an ODBBA contest a few years ago.
  4. Amazing! I've just bought some sheet music from Larch Music. I didn't realise that they might sell mouthpieces too!
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    I can't swear to it - their website is a little confusing - but worth trying, perhaps. At least they may be able to get some in for you to try.
  6. Just to throw into the mix...I'm also looking at euphonium mouthpieces that might work on a trombone.
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    There's some overlap. But bear in mind that it tends to be better to think of it the other way around - trombone mouthpieces cover a broader range of attributes, and with the shift to large shank euphs in the 70s (or thereabouts), UK brass band euph players took to using Denis Wick's new line of trombone mouthpieces (4AL etc.). The 4AL has been the de facto euph standard in brass bands for decades, but it's a trombone mouthpiece - a great piece in an 88H if you like the size.

    In contrast, specialist euphonium mouthpieces tend to be too deep to work comfortably on trombones. Not saying it's impossible though.
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