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    I'm new to this forum and am looking for help getting information about the 'All Star Brass Band'. My father 'Honest John' John (known as Jack) Iddon played in this band as well as playing with Cresswell Colliery Band. He also 'guested' for numerous other bands. He can be seen on the back row first from left (playing E flat Bass) - apologies if that is incorrect terminology - on the Paxton record sleeve 'Music for Brass'. I'm trying to get as much information about the band as I can i.e. dates they may have played on radio and recordings that the band made.

    I have records of the band playing on Paxton extended play 45 r.p.m. Records PEP 101, 103 & 108. If anyone has other copies that they would be willing to sell and/or share with me I would love to hear from you. Also does anyone also have names of other members of the band, the instruments they played, the band they regularly played for and any photos of the 'All Star Band' and where I might find more information.

    I only have scant recollection of Dad's involvement but do remember him going to Manchester to play for the band. I recollect him saying that Harry Mortimer (conductor) wondered if he could get the cream of our bandsmen together would they become a 'band' in the short time given before going 'on air'? And be capable of playing at the highest standard? Dad says the rehearsal was pretty dire, but just before going 'On Air' they 'clicked' and the rest, as they say, is history. I have always been extremely proud of his achievements as a bandsman. Now I want to get as much information down on paper to pass on to my children & grandchildren.
    Thanks in anticipation of your help.
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