All Star 11's + Manager

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  1. hey just wondered what your all star 11 plus manager would be?

    you can either mix the nationalities, or perhaps come up with an XI+M from 1 nation

    many countries have had many quality players play for them, others have had just the odd star player every 2 or 3 world cups etc, either way, lets see what you all come up with :)
  2. BA Baritone

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    Manager - Luiz Felipe Scolari

    GK - Buffon
    DC - Oddo
    DC - Terry
    DC - Puyol
    LM - Ronaldinho
    MC - Lampard
    MC - Gattuso
    MC - Zidane
    RM - Robben
    SC - Shevchenko
    SC - Ronaldo

    Sub - Van Der Sar, Nesta, Cafu, Messi, Deco, Larsson, Henry

    Had to play a 3-5-2 as there is such a high quality of midfielder's at the moment.
  3. cool team there, but would your ALL STAR team of ALL TIME really be players all playin in this years world cup?
  4. BA Baritone

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    As it was in the world cup thread i thought it was players from the world cup
  5. o ok, well it was a more all time thing, but i would imagine a few of those mentioned would have a good chance
  6. nickjones

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    Manager - LuiZ Felipe Scolari for the world cup 2006
    GK - Lehman ( Germany)
    RB - J Kromkamp ( Holland)
    CB - N Vidic ( Bosnia and Herz)
    CB - Lucio ( Brasil)
    LB - JP Sorin ( Arg )
    Tomas Rosiky ( Czech)
    Ronaldinio (Brasil)
    J Riquilme ( Arg)
    Gilberto Silva ( Brasil)
    Adriano ( Brasil)
    Koller ( Czech)

    P Cech ( Czech )
    Raul ( Spain)
    Deco ( Portugal)
    Emerson ( Brasil)
    T Henry ( France)
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  7. 2nd man down

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    Two of you with Henry merely as a sub?!?!? What??? :-?
  8. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Aye just bring him on for special occations :) just think Adriano is too similer a player , you need something clinical and a battering ram ( Koller the Czech tower)
  9. Ipswich trom

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    Forgive me but I couldn't resist this!

    Manager : Brian Clough

    GK Peter Shilton
    RB Viv Anderson
    LB Stuart Pearce
    CB Kenny Burns
    CB Jonny Metgod
    RW Martin O'Neill
    CM Archie Gemmill
    CM John McGovern
    LW John Robertson
    CF Tony Woodcock
    CF Trevor Francis

    Subs. GK Chris Woods
    DF Larry Lloyd
    MF Ian Bowyer
    MF Steve Hodge
    Fd Garry Birtles
    Fd Nigel Clough

    Guess who my team is!!
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  10. Ipswich trom

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    Best World XI

    Oops, posted it twice, gone now!
  11. WoodenFlugel

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    Ooops sorry, you were too quick - I'll restore the old one...;)
  12. nickjones

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    Best of all time
    Brasil 1970 ( there is a thread dedicated to it on here) with the addition of Lev Yashin ( GK USSR)
  13. 2nd man down

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    The double European Cup winning Nottingham Forest side!!! What a team they were!!! Will never forget Francis nodding in that winner at the back post.
  14. BA Baritone

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    If you are going for clubs what about Aberdeen in 1983 first British team to win two european trohpies in the same year? Had some great players in that team, don't think any other British team has achived this. I'm sure someone will point out if I am wrong.
  15. aqua76

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    Why dont we start a fantasy football league for the world cup??

    Ive got one started for my work through

    Tell u what - all go to - league name, (original eh!!)
    Code to join is 5595-20459


    U dont get to choose yr manager though.........
  16. think theyve already started 1, its been mentioned in another thread actually i think, there is 1 where you can pick a manager aswell, its so difficult to do though as you can't really read a managers mind as to who he will play each match, we dont know how fit or on form the players are.

    back to topic tho please :)

    might put 1 of my all star 11s up soon, just need to find the all time greats that played for leeds united, many of them were before my time lol!
  17. stephenmrry

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    Gk Reina
    RB Carrahger
    CB Nesta
    CB Hypiia
    LB Carlos
    DM Viera
    CM Gerrard
    CM Lampard
    AM Kaka
    CF Owen
    CF Ronaldinho

    Gaffer Rafeal Benitez