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    Burry Port Town Band's Summer Concert will take place on Saturday 24th June 2006 at 7.15pm. The venue once again will be the Memorial Hall, Burry Port and the band, under MD Michael Thorne, will this year include music from animated features such as Fantasia, Jungle Book, An American Tail along with music inspired by the likes of Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner! The band's full programme is shown below. Guest artistes will be Gary Griffiths (Baritone) with accompanist Caradog Williams.

    Tickets are great value at £6 and £5 (concessions) and are available from Spar (Burry Port), Pembrey Travel and band members. Alternatively, please contact to reserve your ticket.

    • Overture to 'Ruslan & Ludmila' - Glinka, arr. Lorriman
    • My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose - Trad., arr. Langford (Cornet - David James)
    • Murder On The Orient Express - Richard Rodney Bennett
    • Rondo from 4th Horn Concerto - Mozart, arr. Messerschmidt (Horn - Keith Curtis)
    • The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Dukas, arr. Bourgeois
    • Softly, Softly - Fry, arr. Farr
    • The Blue Bells Of Scotland - Pryor, arr. Broadbent (Trombone - Jo Hirst)
    • Dundonnell from 'Hymn to the Highlands' - Philip Sparke
    • Cartoon Music - Peter Graham
    • Somewhere Out There (from An American Tail) - James Horner, arr. Barry
    • A Disney Fantasy - arr. Goff Richards
  2. KMJ Recordings

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    Ooh, I've not heard that for ages :D

    Shame I'm editing somebody's march or I may have come down for that ;)

    Good luck with it folks!
  3. MarkGillatt

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    Nice to see an old Frickley player earning her keep! Go for it Jo Jo!
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  4. tubaturk

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    Thanks KMJ - there are vicious parts all around the band so we're gonna need a bit of luck!
  5. KMJ Recordings

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    I remember it dropping through the door in manuscript form in 1983 when it was used at the Gala Concert after the Nationals (it was played as a massed band item) Dad's face was a picture particularly when he saw some of the key signatures :biggrin:
  6. JayneSop

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    For god sake Gar... u got an east part... try playing the sop part!!! I'm thinking of getting a dep in just to play that part!!!
  7. tubaturk

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    I just make it sound easy mun ;)
  8. JayneSop

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    Yeah Yeah!!!

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