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    "Borrowed" from 4barsrest!


    1. Yorkshire Building Society, David King
    2. Brighouse & Rastrick, James Gourlay
    3. Reg Vardy (Ever Ready), Ray Farr
    4. SWT Woodfalls, Steve Bastable
    5. Ransome, Russell Gray
    6. Flowers, Phillip Harper

    Full results to follow

    4barsrest Best Instrumentalist:
    Steven Miles, Euphonium, Brighouse and Rastrick
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    Thanks for that Ploughboy.

    Here are the full results (courtesy of 4br)

    1. Yorkshire Building Society, David King
    2. Brighouse & Rastrick, James Gourlay
    3. Reg Vardy (Ever Ready), Ray Farr
    4. SWT Woodfalls, Steve Bastable
    5. Ransome, Russell Gray
    6. Flowers, Phillip Harper
    7. Averlely & Newham
    8. Fodens Richardson
    9. Travelshpere Holidays
    10. Redbridge
    11. Sellers International
    12. EYMS, Garetth Pritchard
    13. Carlton Main,
    14. Thoresby Colliery
    15. Rothwell Temperance
    16. Camborne
    17. Yorkshire Imperial Urquart Travel,
    18. JAG Mount Charles
    19. Besses o' th' Barn
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    (From other - now locked - thread)
    Great result for Aveley & Newham (7th) and Redbridge (10th).

    Good to see the 'Londoners' holding their own :oops: :oops: (Oooer :wink: :wink: )
  4. Iluvsellers

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    another early draw, another dodgy result, robbed again!!!!
    all week it has sounded tremendous from the bushes outside the bandroom. never mind, i'm sure philips army will march on with their heads held high in the scottish highlands!! at least we beat the temps! better luck next time john!! cheers sellers greatest fan, i luv sellers. x
  5. Golden-Hynd

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    Couple of people have already asked wat happened to fodens! well, i had them down 2nd to ybs and a couple of people had them down first! I really enjoyed the performance and makes u wonder wat went on in the box!! weird!

    Congrats to ybs though - brilliant!

  6. Darth_Tuba

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    What?! So you're telling me that despite the adjudicators going against the bands wishes and going in one box together the result was still questionable? Who'd have thought it! :wink:
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  8. fingers

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    Yay Aveley and Redbridge!! Its great to see southern bands doing well.
  9. Ste69

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    Well done EYMS, a credible 12th :!:
    and a great weekend in Cambridge despite a hell of a lot of hanging around to play last.

    Anyway, its Sunday, its late (five past one) and I'm off to bed.

    (shame my mobile's at a service station on the A14) :cry:
  10. bassinthebathroom

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    Amazed to see our name in the programme, yet again as "EYMS". :x Surprised you didn't mention it here what with being married into the sponsor's family and all :lol: Ah never mind, maybe we'll get a full name for contests soon.... :?: :? Left your mobile on the A14... fool... I left my new (signed) David Read book in a Little Chef. :shock: :? Luckily, some friends are staying in the Travelodge there, so they picked it up for me :D :oops:
  11. Pierre

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    Amazed to see our name in the programme, yet again as "EYMS".

    Alas Iain this is something that happens regularly. We do try to let organisers know that our name is actually" The East Yorkshire Motor Services Band" but apparently that must use up far too much ink and space! :shock:
    What is it with bass players? Iain your prized new book and Steve your phone :roll:

    ps We put both your basses in the bandroom having discovered them on the coach some considerable time after you left it :!: Its now 2-30 and I`m going to refrain from hi-jacking this thred by saying "Great day today well done to YBS (The Yorkshire Building Society Band) on another good one and to all who toiled on the seas in Harrisons Nightmare :wink:
  12. bassinthebathroom

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    But they manage Reg Vardy (Ever Ready), Carlton Main Frickley Colliey, Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel....... etc etc.... :roll: Never mind. Indeed, well done to Yorkshire Building Society on yet another win! Come on guys, it's getting a bit boring now... :p
  13. Resurgam

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    Reg Vardy (Ever Ready)

    Excellent result, it must have been an absolutely great performance. I am delighted for you all and Ray Farr of course who has done so much with the Band during the past three years or so.

    Lets hope the success continues and you are in the prizes at the other two major's. (Open & Nationals) :D :D :D

    Ray Hutchinson
  14. fartycat

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    Have to say a big well done to one of our percussionists (also called Paul, well it makes life easy for our conductors) who has had a rough time of it recently.

    Earlier this month he got run over whilst crossing a road. At first he was told that he'd put his shoulder out of joint and this was popped back in for him with the help of many painkillers.

    He was told that he'd be able to play for the Masters but would have to have his arm in a sling right up until the day. He was however determined to play and came along to rehearsals playing one handed.

    Then with two weeks to go his leg swelled up and he was diagnosed as having a blood clot plus a suspected broken elbow! Despite not being able to stand for long periods Paul was still adamant that he'd be able to play and a quick rewrite of the parts, the help of his wife Kate and a borrowed wheelchair saw him on stage yesterday playing a total stormer!

    Well done mate!
  15. johnflugel

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    15th.....obviously very disappointed but that's how it goes sometimes......just have to work towards this little contest in Birmingham now :wink:

    Congrats YBS - what a band...I was fortunate to hear their performance and although I heard some calls for B&R, they have proved again that they are consistently a class apart at the moment.

    Well done to the rest of the top six - there was a big opportunity for bands previously out of the top six to get in there this time and Woodfalls, Ever Ready, Ransome and Flowers took their chance well.....congrats to all.
  16. Andy_Euph

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    Well done Ever Ready, what a cracking result, could this be the time that this excellent North East band start to push there way into the top few????
  17. Mrs Fruity

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    Thank you and we sincerely hope so.
  18. IYOUNG

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    Very enjoyable day yesterday. Congratulations to everyone who took part. Some excellent performances from a number of bands and well done to those placed 3-6 really good to see some other names in the frame.

    For what its worth I had B&R just to pip YBS the only band to get back to a real pp 5 before S and 3rd bar of BB.

    After that I enjoyed the performances of both Flowers and SWT Woodfalls excellent direction from Philip Harper and Steve Bastable. Well done guys.
    The London bands did well particularly A&N off number 1.

    Just one minor thing when will the organisors ever realise taht good and enjoyable as B&R were in concert ( as always ) the only thing people want is the result, surely with 3 conferring in the box a result is available in say 10-15 minutes?

    Thanks to everyone again

    Ian Young
    MD Marlow Band
  19. critic

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    all england masters results

    well done to all the bands .YBSare something special and well done the less fancied bands who got good results. it will be interesting which bands give way next year for some of the up and coming bands. its shown this time that its time to give some others a chance.the overall standard of playing was not the greatest but the top 6 all did well.
  20. BoozyBTrom

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    Just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have left messages of congratulations with the band its appreciated.

    I think my answer machine is ready to explode.

    I also want to say goodbye to our 2nd Trom player a top mate of mine Garry Reed. Its been a pleasure sitting next to you mate. I want to wish him loads of luck as he moves on to Dyke.

    Enjoy it mate you deserve it.