All Brass Band Radio Top 20 List for Feb 2016

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    This is the top 20 list of tracks played on as voted on by listeners:

    1. EYMS Brass Band - The Day Thou Gavest
    2. The Cory Band & Cantorion - Benedictus
    3. Worthing Salvation Army Band - The Cleansing Stream
    4. Enfield Citadel Band - The Golden Pen
    5. Household Troops Band - Prayer of Childhood
    6. Worthing Salvation Army Band - Lord Of The Sea
    7. Brass Band de Waldand - The Flying Doctors
    8. Joanne Childs and Michelle Ibbotson & Cory Band - Flower Duet
    9. Fodens Courtois Band - The Irish Blessing
    10. Southport Citadel Band - Deeds Of Valour
    1. Glenn Van Looy with Manger Musikklag - Harry's Song
    2. Montclair Citadel Band (SA) - Joyful, Joyful
    3. Rothwell Temperance Band - Prelude
    4. Kettering Citadel Band (SA) - Mission of the Millennium
    5. Enfield Citadel Band - Rosehill
    6. Coventry City SA Band - Southern Spirit
    7. Household Troops Band - The Seafarer
    8. National Capital Band (SA) - Lift Up The Banner
    9. Fodens Band - For The Love Of A Princess
    10. Kirkintilloch Band - Summon The Heroes

    Feb of 2016 had more votes than any other month in the radio station's history. I have played a few spots about a need for contributor subscriptions. The station loses money and after my car accident, I cannot work. If you would like to contribute visit the station's web page. I do not want make money, I would just love to break even.
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