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    I was quite ill here the last couple of months. But the radio station is at an all time high. Listenership has about doubled (probably a bit more) in the last year.

    Tonight I put up 5 new CDs worth of music. I also put some of the old favorites back in the mix. Well over 2 days worth of music and very few commercials.

    You can listen to the station at I suggest keep the station in its own window rather than a tab if you have a tab based browser. Firefox and Safari work quite well (both free).

    I will publish a top 20 list for January. I have room for a couple of sponsors (few as possible, I just try to break even on the station). If interested, drop me a note at

    Donations are also a HUGE help There is a donation button on the front page. Also, several bands have been very generous and donated CDs in the last month.

    I max out at 30 listeners and that has happen twice recently. To move that number up, I have to pay more royalties. That would require a sponsor or two more. I never want more than 5 sponsors.

    Brass Band music 24/7/365. Listen in if you haven't.

    Jim Fox

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