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    Ladies and Gents,

    For those of you who do not know, I have had a Brass Band internet radio station for almost 6 years. It is a 96K stereo internet station playing only brass bands. If you log in to you will find 24/7/365 Brass Bands, Salvation Army Bands, and every so often (once every few hours) a spectacular solo or great drum cadence, or even the brass of a drum corps playing something.

    What I have not played since the first time the station came on the air is small brass quartets/quintets or non-traditional (well, way off the beat non-traditional) tracks from bands.

    Now for this month's list. First I must thank my remaining sponsor, PDFmusic. Check them out at You can buy a piece in the morning and play it at your evening rehearsal. It comes in electronic format so if you need extra parts, no problem. You can simply print more.

    PDFbrass will also transpose any piece into a different key or for a different size group for only a little extra money. Like a brass band piece can be modified for a concert band, or a 10 piece band, or a Bassoon Quintet. Any instrument in any clef.

    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT]The Top 20 again this month was donminated by Black Dyke. Surprisingly to me, many of the old favorites continue to appear in the top Top 20. The Planets and even a track from the first Black Dyke Essentials.

    Only one US band this month, and that is the small BrassBand of the Northwest. This is the second month in a row they have made the Top 20.

    The station is in dire need of several sponsors. During this recession, my long-time sponsors cut back. If you listen to the station a lot, there is a donate button that would help. $5 to $20 donations from several people would go along ways toward paying the costs!

    Top 20 Track/Bamd/CD

    1. Highland Cathedral - The Household Troops Band - Trailblazers
    2. Fanfare For A Jubilee - Black Dyke - Fanfares, Preludes And Themes
    3. On The Quarter Deck - The BT Band - Celebration!
    4. Mars The Bringer of War - Black Dyke Mills Band - The Planets
    5. Bohemian Rhapsody - Kirkintilloch Band - Angels and Demons
    6. Leichte Kavallerie - Black Dyke Band - Fantastic Overtures Vol. 3
    7. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines - Black Dyke Band - Black Dyke Plays Greatest Movie Hits
    8. Jupiter The Bringer of Jollity - Black Dyke Mills Band - The Planets
    9. The Great Escape - Grimethope Colliery Band - Best Of Grimethorpe
    10. Desperado - Foden's Richardson Band - Ghost Train

    11. Celtic Fire - Foden's Richardson Band - Ghost Train
    12. A Space Odyssey - Stonesfield Silver Band - Magic of the Movies
    13. Fugue From Graduation Day - Tredegar Town Band - Spirit Of The Valleys
    14. Aspects of Adiemus (Adiemus) - Cory Band - Enter the Galaxies
    15. Aubade - Staines Brass Band - Aubade
    16. The Chonicles Of Narnia - Brassband De Bazuin Oenkerk - Ancient Monuments
    17. Deep Harmony Hymn Tune - Black Dyke Mills Band - The Essential Dyke
    18. The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Sun Life Band - Avondale
    19. Olympic Fanfare and Theme - The Household Troops Band - Trailblazers
    20. Barn Dance and Cowboy Hymn (Philip Sparke) - Brass Band Northwest - Sparks Fly (Live)

    Listenership is at an ALL TIME high. But because of the recession, the sponsorship has pulled back. All economists suggest that if you can expand in a recession, you should. Contact for discounts and package deals on advertising.

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    Link doesn't work for me.
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    Good Reason, I typed it wrong.

    It should be . Try that instead.

    Sorry - Jim
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    LOL - I thought I was going crazy, it pays to read through other postings in a thread :clap:
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    It was right in my signature. The old station had the other address so I do that sometimes. I apologize.

    I am the one going crazy.


    Edit: Maybe one of the mods could change the original post to be correct. - thanks Jim.
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