All BRASS BAND radio rankings for MAY 2008

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    1. Waratah Brass/Praise/Australian 2005 Brass Band Championships
    2. Brighouse And Rastrick/March Lorraine/Hymns And Marches
    3. Sellers Engineering Band/Florentiner March/The Band Played On
    4. Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band/Caravan/Castell Coch
    5. Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band/Castell Coch/Castell Coch
    6. YBS/At The Edge Of Time: Movement I/Alpha And Omega
    7. Brass Band Of Columbus/Sing, Sing, Sing/The BBC Swings
    8. Fodens Band/Candide/Overtures
    9. Kirkintilloch Band/Blue Rondo A La Turk/Liberty Fanfare
    10. Marlborough District Brass Band/The Headless Horseman/2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert

    11. New Zealand Community Trusts Woolston Brass/Dundonnell/2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    12. The Marple Band/Einzugmarsch Aus/The Right Stuff
    13. Trusts Waitakere Brass Band/Orgiastic Dances/2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    14. Whitburn Band/I'll Be There For You (The Theme From 'Friends')/Young At Heart
    15. Brass Band Of Central Florida/Funiculi Funicula Rhapsody/Sing Sang Sung
    16. Canterbury Foundation Brass Band/Slavonic Rhapsody/2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    17. Brass Band Willebroek/The Spirit Of The Celts/Sparkling Brass
    18. New Zealand Community Trusts Woolston Brass/Kongolela/2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    19. Delph Band/Hail! Smiling Morn/Whit Friday Marches 2007
    20. Brass Band Willebroek/Les Champs-Elysees (Waterloo Road)/Kings Of Brass

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    Thanks for listening.
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