All Brass Band Radio Rankings for March 2009

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    All Brass Band Internet Radio
Top 20
    Voted Tracks by the Listeners
    For the Month of March, 2009​

    1. YBS Band - Adross Castle - Hymn of the Highlands
    2. Fodens Courtois Band - Zampa Overture (1940) - Centenary Brass
    3. Carolina Crown - Star Spangled Banner - Finis
    4. Whitburn Band - Selections From 'Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King' - Young At Heart
    5. Black Dyke Band - Vitae Aeternum - Walking With Heroes
    6. Black Dyke Band & International Staff Band - Glorious Ventures - Epic Brass
    7. Polysteel Band - The Incredibles with Intro - The Incredible Polysteel Band
    8. The New York Staff Band - Home On The Range - God & Country
    9. Foss Dyke Band - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Fanfare from Foss Dyke
    10. Fodens Band - Finale form Tschaikovsky Symphony No. 4 - Patrons' Choice II

    11. The British Army Brass Band - Where Eagles Sing - Top Brass
    12. Roberts Bakery Band - 1812 Overture - A Classical Celebration
    13. Sellers Engineering Band - All Through The Night - Land Of Hope and Glory
    14. Evelyn Glennie and the Black Dyke Band - Slavische Fantasie - Reflected In Brass
    15. Black Dyke Band - Sambezi (Trombone Solo) - Epic Brass
    16. Brass Band Willebroek - Tropical Party - Back To The Future
    17. Hepworth (Cookson Homes) Band - Fireball XL5 Zero G - Brass in Concert Championships
    18. Salvation Army - Largo - Together
    19. YBS Band - Dundonnell - Hymn of the Highlands
    20. Black Dyke Band - The Magnificent Seven: Main Theme - Black Dyke Plays Greatest Movie Hits

    The radio station can be listened to, and direction on how to play through stand alone players, can be found at It is free to listen to if you do not mind a few brass band related commercials. Our goal is to keep commercials to less than 5 minutes an hour.

    Last month, I recieved a great question on how the Top 20 is calculated. It bears repeating. Live365 (the streaming service I use) keeps tracks of all kinds of stats. They have to because they pay royalties, large and small, to companies. In the US, it is legal to broadcast anything if you pay the royalties.

    They keep track of the how many times listeners:

    Visit a buy webpage
    Add a track to a wish list
    Vote a track up
    Vote a track down
    and lastly “drops”

    Drops are kind of funny. If a track begins with 20 listeners, and finishes with 19, it records one drop. It could be 10 dropped off but 9 new people logged in.

    Live365 has a system where they rate the top tracks. I use a modified version. First all the positives (buy, wish, thumbs up) are added together. Then the negatives are subtracted (thumbs down). I count a drop as a 1/4 of a thumbs down.

    Stick the stats into the program and out comes the list. The list turns over every 30 days. So even if you voted a track up or down a month or two ago, you really should do it again.

    Problems in March. Someone (I know who it is, but I will not say) voted down a bunch of tracks out of spite. Obviously, if twenty or more tracks are voted down by the same IP address, it is easy to figure out.

    They seem to have quit in the last week or so. That is good. I don’t have to go in and removed their spiteful votes.

    Lastly, I would like to thank my sponsors publicly:

    David and Val at Midland CD ( who sponsor the station and provide a majority of the CDs

    Joe at Loud Mouthpieces. I play a Loud, and you should too. He is now making trumpet versions and hopes to have cornet versions sometime soon.

    Flip Oakes. Flip is a gentleman who has a special line of instruments he designed made by Kanstul. He then does some fine tuning of the instruments. Although Zig Kanstul makes great instruments, no two instruments are alike and Flip makes sure they meet exacting tolerances before the instrument is ready for purchase.

    Flip has one of the best cornets on the market today. I have played the Eclipse and the Flip Oakes “Wild Thing” short cornet. Wow, they are some of the best ever made. If you live in the UK or Europe, the dollar is trading low at the moment. You could get a Flip Oakes cornet or flugel (or trumpet if you double) for a very reasonable cost.

    And Julie at She makes Chop-Sticks embouchure training tools and all natural lip butters.

    These people, through their support of the station keep it free and allows me to buy new and fresh CDs. Supporting them is supporting the station.

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    The Doc embracing colour!! I'm impressed!!!:D
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    Just on the monthly list so you can pick things out easily. Other than that I am pretty plain -- perhaps it is because I am not with a band! ;)

  4. DocFox

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    Ladies and Gents (and DMBabe!)

    On March 15 I changed the entire playlist to plain MP3. MP3pro is what Live365 (my streaming server) supports. MP3pro is way outdated, but at the moment they have no plans on changing -- it would be a huge cost in changing their programs.

    Anyway, I consulted with them and low and behold they told me changing to MP3 should not be a problem. It was. I have had several email saying they playback was of much lower or garbled quality. Well, now everyone can listen again. I spent the night (in the US) changing it back.

    Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused some people.

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    Why do I get a seperate mention? I am a lady in every sense!!! ;)
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    You two need to get a room........................ ;)
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    Jim, somethings up with the player. The screen just keeps flickering and doesn't load properly. maybe its just a temp glitch.

    Also your link in your profile box is incorrect. at the end of the url you have / should it be index.php?

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    :eek: Dyl!!! I'm shocked! Where did that come from? Jealousy is a terrible thing... and you being a MOD and all........ if you want Jim to yourself just ask? I'm sure Mr Babe (Cannonfodder) won't mind! ;)

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