All BRASS BAND radio rankings for March 2008

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    Here are the rankings as voted by the listeners for the Month of March. The station has almost tripled its listener base in the last few months, thus a lot more votes.

    That is great! If you listen, please vote up or down if a track moves you in a certain direction.


    March 2008

    1. Brass Band Berner Oberland - Back To The Future III - Amazonia
    2. Brass Band Willebroek - Gladiator - Back To The Future
    3. Grimethorpe Colliery Band - En Aranjuez con Tu Amor - Brassed Off
    4. Fodens - 1812 Overture Tchaikovsky - From Russia With Love
    5. Whitburn Band - Selections From 'Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King' - Young At Heart
    6. Brighouse & Rastrick Band - An American Trilogy - On A World Tour
    7. Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band - Superman Theme - Movie Brass
    8. Richard Marshall & Black Dyke - Concertpiece For Cornet - Eminence
    9. Brisbane Excelsoir - The Champions - Australian 2005 Brass Band Championships
    10. Black Dyke Band - Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines - Black Dyke Plays Greatest Movie Hits

    11. New Zealand Community Trusts Woolston Brass - Dundonnell - 2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    12. Yorkshire Building Society Band - The Lion King / Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John In Brass
    13. Brass Band Willebroek - Theme From Jag - Let's Get Loud
    14. Yorkshire Building Society - Simple Gifts - Simple Gifts
    15. Ever Ready Band - Olympic Fanfare And Theme - The Prince Bishops
    16. Cory Band and Cantorion - Benedictus (From The Armed Man) - This Land of Ours
    17. Oberaargauer Brass Band - Gettysburg - The Great Film Heroes
    18. Canterbury Foundation Brass Band - Le Virgen De La Macarena - 2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    19. Brass Band Willebroek - Beethoven's Romance - Showbizz Forever
    20. The Band of the Scots Guards - Dundonnell: Highland Cathederal - Spirit of the Highlands

    Some interesting notes for March:

    Philip Sparke's Dondonnnell made the list twice with two different bands. In fact, both the renditions are quite different interpretations. I believe that further shows the talent Mr. Sparke has.

    Second, several bands from Australia/New Zealand made the top 20. I like it when bands around the world are appreciated.

    Lastly, if you have suggestions for CDs that you would like to hear, please send me a PM. Also, if you want to send me a CD from your band, I will play it (unless it is just awful which in 4+ years has only happen once).

    The station is only possible due to the sponsors. My major sponsor, Midland CD I would like to thank with my full heart. You can buy you favorite CDs from them at

    Also, there is some limited room for sponsorships on the station. We strive to keep the ads band related. The cost is about 1/2 of what a station this size usually charges as we limit our ads. If interessted PM me or you may contact me at

    The Yankee Bandsman,

    Dr. Jim

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