All BRASS BAND radio rankings for July 2008

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    ALL BRASS BAND radio top 20 for July
    Band - Track - CD

    1. Fodens Richardson Band - Overture "The Cowboys" - John Williams Epic Themes
    2. Brighouse And Rastrick Band -March Lorraine- Hymns And Marches
    3. Cory Band and Cantorion - Where Eagles Sing - This Land of Ours
    4. Barnard Castle Band - Erin Shore - Brass Band Aid
    5. YBS Band - Adross Castle - Hymn of the Highlands
    6. The Las Vegas Brass Band - Country Road - Las Vegas Swing
    7. Brass Band Berner Oberland - Besame Mucho - Pearls
    8. Brass Band Of Central Florida - Beauty And The Beast - Sing Sang Sung
    9. Brass Band Willebroek - Symphony Of The Seas - Pop and Moviestars In Brass
    10. Brass Band Willebroek - Grace Kelly - Kings Of Brass

    11. Brass Band Of Central Florida - Funiculi Funicula Rhapsody - Sing Sang Sung
    12. Grimethorpe Colliery Band - William Tell Overture - Brassed Off
    13. Delph Band - Hail! Smiling Morn - Whit Friday Marches 2007
    14. Brighhouse & Rastrick Band - Armenian Fire Dance - On A WorldTour
    15. Canterbury Foundation Brass Band - Le Virgen De La Macarena - 2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    16. Brindley Band - Viva Pettee - Whit Friday Marches 2005
    17. Brass Band Willebroek - The Spirit Of The Celts - Sparkling Brass
    18. YBS Band - Dundonnell - Hymn of the Highlands
    19. Fairy's Band - Deep Space Nine - It's Not Unusual
    20. Osaka Harmony - Suki Yaki - The Australian Nationals 2006

    As always, I would like to thank the listeners to the station and all of you who vote. This was a record month for votes.

    I also would like to thank my sponsors starting with Midland CD whose love of music helps the station in many ways


    Musicians Lip Butter

    Chop-Sticks Embouchure Tool

    and LOUD mouthpieces

    Thanks to all. Check my signature to see how to listen to the station.

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    Note about broadcast:

    From LIVE365: Some of you may have noticed lately, that while you are listening, the stream seems to stop for a few seconds, then reconnects. Most likely this IS NOT an issue with your player. In this case there is NO need to contact Live365 support.

    Live365 is performing maintenance launching a new version of Nanocaster, the engine that drives broadcasters streams. They are removing one of the current bandwidth providers and preparing to add more bandwidth from another provider. This is all part of Live365 continuing to provide listeners and broadcasters with the best service possible.

    Note from Jim Fox: They say they will have it fixed Sunday night (Sunday AM in Europe). It is annoying, I know. I listen to my own station a lot. But it should be fixed in a couple days.


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