All BRASS BAND radio rankings for Jan 2008

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    Midwest, USA
    Here are the rankings, as voted by the listeners of the ALL BRASS BAND internet radio for January, 2008

    1. Brass Band Berner Oberland - Heroes And Warriors - Amazonia
    2. Williams Fairey Band - A Carmen Fantasy - Spanish Impressions
    3. Brass Band Willebroek - The Village People Hit Mix - Pop and Moviestars In Brass
    4. 1st Old Boys Band - Fanfare For A Festival - Highlights From The European Brass Band Contest 2006
    5. Grange Moor Band - Viva Brikinshaw - Whit Friday Marches 2007
    6. The Marple Band - Sanctus From "Saint Cecile" - The Right Stuff
    7. John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band - The Beautiful Galathea - Black Dyke Plays Overtures
    8. Ensemble De Cuivres Valaisan - Ruby Tuesday - Emotions
    9. Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag - Adagio - (Beethoven) - Twenty Supreme Years
    10. Brass Band Willebroek - Kuma He - Showbizz Forever

    11.*Brass Band Willebroek - Beethoven's Romance - Showbizz Forever
    12. Fodens Band - Morning, Noon And Night In Vienna - Overtures
    13. Colliery Brass Bands - An Epic Symphony - Our Mining Heritage
    14, Yorkshire Building Society Band - Circle Of Life - Elton John In Brass
    15. Ever Ready Band - Olympic Fanfare And Theme - The Prince Bishops
    16. Rothwell Temperance Band - Fugue to "Spitfire" - Spitfire
    17. St. Sebastian's Workingham Band - Bramwyn - Whit Friday Marches 2007
    18. Cory Band and Cantorion - Cantilena: Ysbryd Y Mynyddoedd (Spirit Of The Mountains) - This Land of Ours
    19. Virtuosi Brass Band Of Great Britain - Buglers Holiday Cornet Quintet - Volume VI & VII
    20. Marlborough District Brass Band - Let Me Try Again - 2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert

    Here is a list of webpages of interest regarding the radio station:

    Top 20 List for the last Three Months (votes expire after 30 days):

    How to setup to listen to the station for free:

    To see the tracks played and CD covers, and to be able to vote a track up/down, check this page:

    Currently there are 130 CDs being played. To see them, and links to how to buy them see:

    I would personally like to that TMp Sponsor David and Val of Midland CD ( for more than sponsoring the station but providing CDs and lots of help.


  2. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    Midwest, USA
    One thing I forgot to mention (I am getting old!). You will hear some German commercials and what they call station IDs. Why German when I am an Yankee in the middle of the US?

    Well, besides the US and UK, the next largest listening audience is from Switzerland. And then Norway (I know, they do not speak German, but Norwegian is so close to German that many can understand it).

    I may add IDs and/or commercials in Norwegian down the road a piece. I have a HUGE international listening audience. Japan is big (harder to find a professional voice that speaks Japanese and English). Of course nations that were once part of the British Empire are big listeners. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. But most of them speak English (French Canada being one exception).

    While a vast majority speak English, the biggest minority of listeners speak German. So, the station now has an "international flair".

    Keep listening. And if listening from, don't forget to vote for a track, Up or Down if it moves you either direction.


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