All BRASS BAND radio rankings for Feb 2007

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  1. DocFox

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    Here are the Rankings for ALL BRASS BAND Internet radio station
    February 2007

    It is free to listen to!

    Band/Track/CD ---> CD Info

    1. The Las Vegas Brass Band - Country Road - Las Vegas Swing ---> Click Here for CD Info
    2. Sheona White with the YBS Band - Over the Rainbow - The Voice of the Tenor Horn ---> Click Here for CD Info
    3. CWS Glasgow Band - Highland Cathedral - By Request (Volume One) ---> Click Here for CD Info
    4. Colliery Brass Bands - Overture To Orpheus In The Underworld - Our Mining Heritage ---> Click Here for CD Info
    5. Coventry City Salvation Army Band - Joyous Rhythm (Dave Brown) - To The Highest: Ad Optimum ---> Click Here for CD Info
    6. Mount Charles Band - Russky Purcussky - Full Spectrum ---> Click Here for CD Info
    7. Leyland Band - Galpo - By Arrangement ---> Click Here for CD Info
    8. Meadowlands Corps Band - Variations On Repton - Battle Cry ---> Click Here for CD Info
    9. Canadian Staff Band - In The King's Service - Made in Canada ---> Click Here for CD Info
    10. Grimethope Colliery RJB Band - Fantasy for Brass Band , Op.114 - Brass from the Masters, Volume 2 ---> Click Here for CD Info

    11. Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band - Light Walk - Castell Coch ---> Click Here for CD Info
    12. Southwest Trains Woodfalls Band - Overture to the Opera Reinzi - On Track ---> Click Here for CD Info
    13. Bellshill Band Of The Salvation Army - Clear Skies - The Call Of The Righteous ---> Click Here for CD Info
    14. Williams Fairey Band - Force Of Destiny - Bridgewater Hall Live 2001 ---> Click Here for CD Info
    15. The Salvation Army New York Staff Band - Carry On - Music of The Broughtons ---> Click Here for CD Info
    16. Leyland Band - Ruler Of The Spirits Overture - By Arrangement --->Click Here for CD Info
    17. Guernsey Concert Brass - Star Trek: First Contact - Green and Gold ---> Click Here for CD Info
    18. Ensemble De Cuivres Valaisan - Fanfare for Rocky - Emotions ---> Click Here for CD Info
    19. Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band - Ride Of The Valkyries - Your Favourite Classics ---> *Click Here for CD Info
    20. SP&S Band - The Old Wells (1934) - Army Heritage - Vol One - The Old Wells ---> Click Here for CD Info

    If you listen, please vote for your favorites!
  2. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    On March 2, I did one of my favorite things! I added new tracks to the station. I added 75 new tracks from

    The BNFL Band
    The Brass Band Berner Oberland
    The PolySteel Band
    The Travelsphere Holidays Band (Rigid Containers)
    Whitburn Band
    Brass Band Willebroek

    Of course, this means I had to remove several tracks. Your votes determine which tracks stay and which get removed.

    BTW, I am often asked the question how to play the station. The easiest way is to download iTunes free from Then go to the home page . Open iTunes and then press the play button on the home page. It will play either using your default player or iTunes.

    I would love feedback. Do you have a band, or a CD you think should be played? I love to feature smaller, lessor known bands so I would take suggestions in that area too. Also, some generous people have donated CDs of their bands. This is a big help to me as it costs me quite a bit of money in royalties to keep the station on the air. It is a money losing "hobby" of mine --

    perhaps more a labour of love than a hobby. One gent from the UK wrote me a note once saying "it is amazing a Yankee has such a great Brass Band station". I took that as a compliment.

    If you listen, please feel free to vote. That is great feedback in its own right.



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