All Brass Band Radio Rankings for Dec. 2008 & More

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    Here are the listener rankings for the All Brass Band Internet Radio station as voted by the listeners.

    1. The Band of the Scots Guards - Dundonnell: Highland Cathederal - Spirit of the Highlands
    2. Lake Wobegon Brass Band - Firework! - Bravura!
    3. Desford Colliery Band - Soldier Soldier - The Real Brassed Off
    4. Brass Band de Waldsang - Colors of the Wind - This Is Brass!
    5. New Zealand Community Trusts Woolston Brass - Dundonnell - 2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert
    6. Brass Band De Waldsang - Textilaku - A Brand New Day
    7. The International Staff Band Of The Salvation Army - I Know Thou Art Mine - A Fanfare of Praise
    8. CWS Glasgow Band, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, By Request
    9. Phantom Regiment, Amazing Grace, Ornaments In Brass
    10. Brighouse And Rastrick Band, March Lorraine, Hymns And Marches

    11. Brass Band de Waldsang - The Flying Doctors - This Is Brass!
    12. Ransome Band - Appalachian Overture - Mumbo Jumbo
    13. Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern - Maletg Rumantschs 5 Finale - Il Randulin - Perlas Rumantschas
    14. New England Brass Band - Henry the Fifth - Honour and Glory
    15. Marsden Silver - Honest Toil - Whit Friday Marches 2007
    16. Oberaargauer Brass Band - Gettysburg - The Great Film Heroes
    17. The Las Vegas Brass Band - Country Road - Las Vegas Swing
    18. Ipswich And Norwich Coop Band - Gathering Of The Clan - A Suffolk Prelude
    19. Clifton & Lightcliffe Band - Benedictus - Rise of the Phoenix
    20. Black Dyke Band - Nabucco: Overture - Black Dyke plays Verdi

    During December I always add many Christmas tracks (63 this year). Not one got a vote (which has not been the case in previous years).

    As always I would like to thank my sponsors. Keeping the station up with new music and a high quality broadcast takes a lot of money.

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    Supporting the sponsors IS supporting the station. They allow for fewer commercials and more music.

    Lastly, the year-end bonus. The top 20 vote getters for the year!

    More next post ...
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    No Top 20. It exceeds the limit

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    I think I found the problem and can post the top 20 for the Year 2008:

    1. Black Dyke Band - Nabucco: Overture - Black Dyke plays Verdi 76
    2. New Zealand Community Trusts Woolston Brass - Dundonnell - 2004 Festival Of Brass New Zealand Concert 59
    3. Brass Band Berner Oberland - Back To The Future III 43
    4. Cory Band and Cantorion - Cantilena: Ysbryd Y Mynyddoedd - This Land of Ours 39
    5. Grimethorpe Colliery Band - En Aranjuez con Tu Amor - Brassed Off 38
    6. Oberaargauer Brass Band - Gettysburg - The Great Film Heroes 37
    7. Selections From 'Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King' 36
    8. Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag - Adagio - (Beethoven) 35
    9. Fodens - 1812 Overture Tchaikovsky - From Russia with Love 34
    10. John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band - The Beautiful Galathea 28

    11. Richard Marshall & Black Dyke - Concertpiece For Cornet - Eminence 26
    12. The Band of the Scots Guards - Dundonnell: Highland Cathederal - Spirit of the Highlands 24
    13. Black Dyke Band - Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines - Black Dyke Plays Greatest Movie Hits 22
    14. Foss Dyke Band - Procession to the Minister - Fanfare from Foss Dyke 21
    15.T Brass Band Berner Oberland - Heroes And Warriors - Amazonia 20
    15.T Australian 2005 Brass Band Championships 20
    17. T Brass Band Willebroek - The Spirit Of The Celts - Sparkling Brass 19
    17. T The British Army Brass Band - Diversions On A Welsh Hymn Tune - Top Brass 19
    19. Richard Marshall & Black Dyke - Blessed Assurance 17
    20. Theme from JAG - Brass Band Willebroek - Let's Get Loud 16

    Points calculated in this manner. 20 points for a monthly first, 19 for a second and so forth. Then points are added (no more that a few in most cases) for high votes and no "drops". (Drops are when people move on to another station -- which shows a general displeasure with the piece).

    Points removed for high drops. Tracks that got voted off the play list were automatically eliminated.

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    #15 was eliminated but I failed to delete it all and put in it's replacement.

    #15 Should Be:

    15.T Dearham Brass Band - The New Colonial - A Tribute
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    Here are the top sellers at 4 Bars rest as they published them. I found this very interesting.

    1. Regionals 2009
    The Regional recording stays top of the hit parade after a very strong showing in the past month. It looks like plenty of people have been putting in the early homework…

    This is just as they described it. Homework. I could start a thread on test pieces but another time.

    2. Walking with Heroes
    Every home just about had a bit of PLC in it this Christmas, as the tunemeister extraordinaire had more hits for the festive season than Cliff Richard..

    4 Bars rest, prematurely in my opinion, crowned Paul Lovett-Cooper the the Philip Sparke. This is a good album and worth the money. But do not expect the quality just yet of Mr. Sparke. PLC? At least spell his name.

    3. Brass in Concert DVD 2007
    Making a second move up the charts in the past two months – all the fun and games of The Sage 2007. All that is missing is the Stuart Hall laughter track…

    This review is pretty spot on in my opinion.

    4. Katrina
    Up from number 6, the delightful Katrina shows that she is more than just a pretty face – much, much more in fact with a great release…

    Solo albums are a risk. They rarely do well on the radio station. I suppose they sell better if you want to here the cream of the crop on your instrument.

    5. Mnozil Brass – Crème de la Creme
    A move up the charts too for the bonkers boys from Mnozil. Lots of people enjoyed their zany humour this Christmas we are sure…

    Good review of a non-brass band.

    6. The History of Brass Band Music – New Adventures
    A new entry for Elgar Howarth and Grimethorpe. New and exciting music – and some of it from the boys in the days when brass band contests were in black and white too…

    I have not personally heard this one, but I like the idea.

    7. Fantastic Overtures – Volume 3
    You can’t beat a great set of openers. Lillee & Thomson, Greenidge & Haynes – Offenbach & Strauss…

    Probably the best album in the list. Of course, if classical music is not your thing, then maybe not. But it is some great playing.

    8. Brass & Wines
    Steven Mead enjoys himself with the lads of Spanish Brass Luur Metalls – and by heck, they can all play…

    Steven Mead is worth it on any album. But again, not really a brass band.

    9. Actaeon
    Who let the dogs out at Cory, as Robert Childs and his band take a musical journey back to the Greeks…

    Lots of very long pieces. Well played, but LONG. I have avoided it because no one on the radio station would like it

    10. Essential Dyke – Volume 8
    Not quite as essential as the releases above them, but still selling far and wide across the banding globe.

    Dyke at its best. I am not sure, but I thing Dyke has recorded more in the last few years BY FAR than any other band. A good album if you do not already own 10 to 20 Dyke albums.