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    Below is the top 20 list of tunes as voted on by listeners out of about 540 tunes. As a side note, listenership is extremely high. I pay royalties for 30 listening slots an hour. I need to move it up to 40 and we maxed out 4 times in January, but that costs money.

    With the recession, it is hard to find sponsors. But if anyone who sells brass related products is considering sponsoring the station, I know it is tough out there, I will help by keeping my prices low and perhaps making deals.

    I am VERY THANKFUL to who who has been a long time sponsor now. Sponsors get an average of 1 advert an hour 24/7/365. Last month I had over 10,500 total listening hours. That would put me very close to the top of legal stations in the world.

    Some very nice bands have sent me their CDs which are now playing. If your band goes to the trouble of sending me a CD, I go to the trouble to make sure it gets plenty of play.

    Here is the Top 20 (Track/Band/CD):

    1. An American Tale / Cory Band / Enter The Galaxies
    2. Feeling Young (Moren) / Williams Fairey Band / Images For Brass
    3. Within Blue Empires / Black Dyke Band / Within Blue Empires
    4. Star Trek (First Contact) / Guernsey Concert Brass / Green and Gold
    5. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines / Black Dyke Band / Black Dyke Band
    6. Toccata In D / Minor All Star Girls Of Brass / All Star Girls Of Brass
    7. Pirates Of The Caribbean / Oberaargauer Brass Band / The Great Film Heroes
    8. Rhapsody In Blue / Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band / Your Favorite Classics
    9. Mamma Mia / Willebroek Brass Band / Roccata
    10. Jupiter The Bringer of Jollity

    11. Dances And Alleluias / Black Dyke Band / Music for Battle Creek
    12. Theme From JAG / Brass Band Willebroek / Let's Get Loud
    13. Gabriel's Oboe with Clarinet Solo / The Household Troops Band / TrailBlazers
    14. Nearer My God To Thee / Salvation Army / Together
    15. The Melody Shop March / Black Dyke Band / World Famous Marches
    16. Hallelujah Chorus / Enfield Citadel Band / Classically Enfield
    17. Aspects Of Andrew Lloyd Webber / Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band / Andrew Lloyd Webber In Brass
    18. Selections From Ratatouille / Willebroek Brass Band / Fire Dance
    19. Grandfather's Clock / The BT Band / Celebration!
    20. Country Road / The Las Vegas Brass Band / Las Vegas Swing

    If you listen to the station and enjoy it, consider giving a small donation. A donation link is on the front page along with how to listen and how to vote at


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    Very nice! Will have a listen. :)
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    Thanks Kaggin!

    The station is more popular than ever. It is astonishing even me. I added 10 more listener slots this morning. Some people were logging on to the station and being told it is full. That should not happen again for awhile!

    I am still looking for sponsors. One advert an hour 24/7/365. For a small fee per month you reach thousands of listeners to the best brass band music. It takes some money to pay royalties, broadcast slots and new music.

    I have found a new server, the US Congress did not increase royalties, and I am charging less that half of what I used to charge for radio ads. Smart money for a verbal and visual advert and a banner ad. Contact me a if you would like to be part of not only the biggest brass band internet radio station but one of the biggest internet radio stations period.

    Thanks for listening,
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    Friends of the Radio Station,

    In the last 24 hours some amazing things have taken place with the radio station. has come forward and offered me 50 slots (I'll need them, my limit was 30 then I moved it to 40 and I just checked and 38 people where listening!).

    Not only 50 slots but 128K broadcasting. Right now we are at 96K - which is excellent quality. 128K is CD quality. They were also generous enough to to included some great tools etc. all for a outstanding price as a donation to the station.

    By March 1 I expect to be broadcasting at 128K

    Speaking of donations. It has been donations that have kept the station afloat the last few months. There is a donation button on the front page at Right now the dollar is low compared to the Euro or Pound. Giving 10 Euros is like giving 15 US Dollars.

    I am very thankful to Andy at for staying as a sponsor. Adverts are cheap because of the great donation by You can hit nearly 15,000 (and growing) listeners a month for a small price. If you have something to sell, it takes some startup costs to record radio ads. But after that you reach LOTS and LOTS of brass banders each month. You get a visual advert, and banner advert and judging by the the high listenership, lots of audio ads. One every hour on average.

    Sponsors have dropped lately due mostly to the recession.

    I am still indebted to David at for helping me move to a professional station.

    I know people are not made of money, but if you have a brass band product to advertise and need some help to begin with I am in a position thanks to CheaperStreaming to help.

    In the meantime, your donations go a long ways to keeping that station up and running.

    Donations of CDs of your band are always welcome. If you send a CD to me, I make sure it gets plenty of play (unless the CD is just awful - I had one donated that I did the band a favor by NOT playing it).

    Look and listen for new changes. Do not forget donations of cash and CDs are very much appreciated.

    Contact me at with questions or comments.

    Thanks to all,

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    Wow.... the GCB made the top 5!.... :D

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