ALL BRASS BAND Internet Radio Rankings for OCT '07

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    Here are the Rankings for ALL BRASS BAND Internet radio station
    October 2007

    It is free to listen to!


    1. Foden Courtois Band - A Wanderin' Star (Mark Frost, Bass Trombone) - Essential Soloists
    2. Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Brass Band - African Funk (Alan Fernie) - Into Africa: Brass Band Aid
    3. Brighhouse & Rastrick Band - The Celt Of Glencoe - On A World Tour
    4. Reg Vardy Band - A Taste Of Honey - Cool
    5. Brass Band Willebroek - The Da Vinci Code - We Will Rock You
    6. Chicago Staff Band - Korean Folk Song Rhapsody - All That I Am
    7. The Brass Band Of Columbus - As Summer Was Just Beginning - Americans We
    8. YBS Band - Evening Hymn - Alpha And Omega
    9. Stanhope Silver Band - Seventeen Come Sunday - Brass Band Aid
    10. Meadowlands Corps Band - Allegro Spiritoso - Battle Cry

    11. The Kettering Citadel Band of the Salvation Army - Mountain Camp - Pastoral Brass
    12. Foss Dyke Band - Procession to the Minister - Fanfare from Foss Dyke
    13. Colliery Brass Bands - The Swan - Our Mining Heritage
    14. Brass Band De Waldsang - Pippi Langstrumpf - A Brand New Day
    15. Brass Band Berner Oberland - Back To The Future III. - Amazonia
    16. Black Dyke Band - Roll Tide from Crimson Tide - Black Dyke Plays Greatest Movie Hits
    17. Roberts Bakery Band - Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter - Rolling Along
    18. Ensemble De Cuivres Valaisan - Fanfare for Rocky - Emotions
    19. Brass Band Willebroek - The Incredibles - Let's Get Loud
    20. The Las Vegas Brass Band - Country Road - Las Vegas Swing

    If you listen, please vote for your favorites! -- Votes expire in 30 days!

    Special thanks to Val and David at Midland CD ( ) who have helped supply CDs for the radio station. Their love of Brass Banding and support of the station is greatly appreciated.

    From 4PM to 8PM GMT there is a show featuring movie/show tunes by the best of brass bands (9AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 11AM Mountain and Noon Pacific in the US)

    From 9PM to 10PM GMT a one hour show playing the top 5 from each month for the last year. The best of the best (1PM Eastern, 2PM Central, 3PM Mountain, and 4PM Pacific in the US)

    The latest version of the FREE iTunes 7 from Apple ( )has enhancements that make it a superior internet radio playback device.

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