ALL BRASS BAND Internet Radio Rankings for NOV '07

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    Here are the Rankings for ALL BRASS BAND Internet radio station
    November 2007

    It is free to listen to!


    1. Mount Charles Band - Three Kings Swing - Full Spectrum
    2. Leyland Band - Home In Pasadena - By Arrangement
    3. Cincinnati Brass Band - The Shipbuilders Web Of Steel - Pressing Onward
    4. Chicago Staff Band - God With Us - All That I Am
    5. Virtuosity Brass Band Of Great Britain - Polka Dots Trombone Trio (Eric Ball) - Volume VII
    6. Chicago Brass Band - Bill Bailey - LIVE!
    7. Motor City Brass Band - A Disney Fantasy - American Portrait: A Musicial Journey
    8. Brass Band Willebroek - You're Beautiful - Showbizz Forever
    9. Brass Band Of Columbus - Holy, Holy, Holy - The Champions
    10. Kirkintilloch Band - Schindler's List - Summon The Heroes

    11. YBS Band - Dimitri - Now That is What I Call Brass! Vol. 3
    12. Foden's Richardson Band - The Third Man - Ghost Train
    13. Oberaargauer Brass Band - Exploding Brass - Crazy Little Things
    14. The Staffordshire Band - British Legion March - Back to the 40's
    15. The BNFL Band - Till There was You (Cornet Solo) - Come Follow the Band
    16. The Rigid Containers Group Band - A Touch Of Mancini - Medley - Frankly Speaking
    17. BNFL Band - Cavatina (From 'the Deerhunter') - Romance In Brass (Vol. 2)
    18. Williams Fairey Band - The Wind beneath My Wings - Bone Idyll
    19. Oberaargauer Brass Band - Joy, Peace And Happiness - Crazy Little Things
    20. Ever Ready Band - Batman - Completely Catherall

    If you listen, please vote for your favorites! -- Votes expire in 30 days!

    Special thanks to Val and David at Midland CD ( ) who have helped supply CDs for the radio station. Their love of Brass Banding and support of the station is greatly appreciated.

    Christmas music is now added!


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    ALL BRASS BAND radio information:

    Before the end of December, the station is going to be a cooperation between and and we are to take the station to the next level.

    It will become a PROFESSIONAL station. Now what does this mean to you the listener? Three major things:

    1) Many, Many less advertisements and only brass related ads as we control the advertisers
    2) Increase in quality, which actually happened last night. It went from an "FM" quality station to a "CD" quality station. The sound is much better already.
    3) There will be limited opportunities (as we want to keep ads to a minimum) to advertise on the station. 250 ads per month will only be £50! That is 35p per ad. That is really inexpensive for targeted advertising.

    Also Midland CD ( has offered that any small band that sends or has sent me free CDs in the past, they would be happy to sell the CDs to try and help make money for any brass band around the world.

    If you are interested in listening to the best of best in brass banding FREE, with limited ads (soon) tune into:

    I HIGHLY recommend iTunes from Apple as a playback device. It can decode MP3 pro and make it sound even better than CD quality! And it is free! Set it up as your default playback device and you will have great sounds!

    Also, we plan on developing our own play window, so you do not have to put up with the flashing ads on the current Live365 window. All vast improvements.

    If you are interested in promoting your band or buying one of the limited ad slots (we have several sold already) please contact me (Dr. Jim Fox) at

    If you simply enjoy brass band music, tune in anytime. The quality has GREATLY improved and will be FREE with less obnoxious commercials in the next week or two. I will announce here when that happens. For now, you can still listen for free but will probably get a few commercials that are silly. But that will end soon.

    Also, if you own an Apple/AT&T iPhone, you can listen via your phone, or if you own any phone that runs Microsoft phone software, you can listen on the move too!

    The world of radio is changing. We plan to be at the front.

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    To help with the advancement of the radio station, we have built a new website for the radio station.

    It is still a bit of a work in progress, but you can see the 121 CDs played on the station and the top 20 "favorites" for the last three months.

    We plan on adding more features to the site in the upcoming weeks.

    Cheers to all, and have a Merry Christmas (got to get a US greeting in there ;) )

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    It is done, All Brass Bands Internet Radio has gone pro! Check it out here:

    Very limited commercials -- only brass band related commercials and only a few per hour unlike before with tons of crazy commercials.

    Also, check out the new website. It is growing and changing everyday (almost every hour) as I work on it:

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    The New Website is near completion!

    It could use some "features" in the way of articles or voice explanations (which I would put on the radio). A large part of the audience is US, then the UK and then the Netherlands. But with the US Brass Band movement growing, education is a goal of mine.

    If you would like to contribute or have suggestions, either email me or PM me. I would love constructive criticism.

    Also, my partner, Midland CD ( ) is willing to help. We would like to help promote smaller bands. Midland would be happy to sell the CDs and I would be happy to play them. Give us a shout if we can help.