ALL BRASS BAND Internet Radio Rankings for DEC '07

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  1. DocFox

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    Here are the rating for the Month of December:
    Dec 2007

    1. Fodens Richardson Band - John Williams - Epic Themes - John Williams Epic Themes
    2. Black Dyke Band - The Lionking: Soundtrack Highlights - Black Dyke Plays Greatest Movie Hits
    3. Brass Band Of Columbus - Russian Christmas Music - The Champions
    4, Brassband De Bazuin Oenkerk - The Chonicles Of Narnia - Ancient Monuments
    5. Brass Band Willebroek - The Young Amadeus - Let's Get Loud
    6. CWS Glasgow Band - Highland Cathedral - By Request (Volume One)
    7. 1st Old Boys Band - Fanfare For A Festival - Highlights From The European Brass Band Contest 2006
    8. Thoresby Colliery (Joy Manufacturing) Band - Willow Echoes - Pastime with Good Company
    9. Kirsty Abbotts w/Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band - Down By The Sally Gardens (Cornet Solo) - Soliloquy
    10. Brassband De Bazuin Oenkerk - Rogier Van Otterloo Medley - Ancient Monuments

    11. Cory Band and Cantorion - Where Eagles Sing - This Land of Ours
    12. Brass Band Willebroek - Kuma He - Showbizz Forever
    13. Brass Band Willebroek - A Western Trilogy - Song For Pocahontas - Pop & Moviestars In Brass
    14, Brass Band Of Battle Creek - Mountain Song (Philip Sparke) - BBBC: Live 1
    15. Wingates Brass Band - Knights At School - Nyman Brass
    16. Oberaargauer Brass Band - Gettysburg - The Great Film Heroes
    17. Chicago Brass Band - Chivalry - LIVE!
    18. Reg Vardy Band - A Taste Of Honey - Cool
    19. Footscray-Yarraville - Knight Templar - Australian 2005 Brass Band Championships
    20. Cory Band and Cantorion - Agnus Dei (From The Armed Man) - This Land of Ours

    There are some new things for the New Year:

    First, the station has gone PRO. What does this mean to the average listener? Well, you can listen without tons of ridiculous ads without buying VIP service. I pledge to keep the ads to only ads related to brass banding and less than five one minute ads an hour.

    Second, the quality has taken a huge step up. The station has gone from "FM" quality to "CD" quality. This has made a huge difference in your listening enjoyment.

    With my biggest sponsor (really a partner in many ways) Midland CD has assured a steady supply of the latest CDs. So you can hear the latests recordings and that should help you make choices about buying CDs.

    It is my sincere wish that when you buy CDs, that you do so at Midland CD ( ) as Val and David are great people and a VERY STRONG supporter the leading internet brass band station in the world.

    We have developed a new website within the last month directly related to the radio station: Here you can get news from the TMp, 4 Bars Rest and even NABBA (the North American Brass Band Association).

    Opportunities also exist now because of the PRO station.:

    First, if your company provides brass band supplies, you can buy very targeted ads on the station. We are talking about £50 to £75 for a months worth of ads. That is less than 35p an radio ad which has thousands of hours of listeners and growing.

    Second, if you would like to send me a CD of your band, I would love it. Assuming it is of decent quality, it will have tracks played. Now what is great about this -- well of course exposure of course.

    But also Midland CD has said they will work with smaller bands to help sell their CDs. This could be another revenue stream for your band.

    If having your band's CD promoted, or buying very nicely targeted advertisements sounds good to you, you can PM me or email me at

    Have a Great New Year everyone.

    Dr. Jim
  2. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    Additional Note for January and the New Year. We have gone to a Pro Station, hence you no longer need a Live 365 account!

    We have developed a new website as mentioned, but there is a new page,

    that allows you to directly log on to the station, and shows the current track being played along with the cover art. Click on the cover and you can automatically search for the album at

    Since I learned my programming in Fortran 4 and the early versions of Cobol (no C++, Java, or PHP for me) this was a long programming task. I am a good programmer, and I know HTML very well, but this required calls, databases, and PHP processing. It took awhile for this old dog to learn a new trick or two.

    Anyway, I think it is pretty cool. There is also a forum to vote for your favorite track since the thumbs up/down buttons had to be removed to not force people to "log in".

    Better quality and more fun.

    BTW, I am always open to suggestions of bands or CDs to add. Send me a PM. :tup

    223 CDs are played and less than 5 minutes worth of BRASS BAND related commercials an hour.

    Dr. Jim
  3. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    Any dedicated brass banders out there who know PHP/MySQL pretty well who would like to help a bit. I don't need a lot of programming, just a bit. I figure about an hour or so for someone who knows what they are doing.

    I have extraordinary medical bills (in the US, the medical system is a bit ... weird -- I have insurance and if the refuse to pay, I can get sued. If I have no insurance, the state has to pay. Go figure).

    Anyway, I would love a volunteer but could pay a little. This is for the brass band station.

  4. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hi Jim.

    I've pm'd you. ;)
  5. Nick Wilson

    Nick Wilson Member

    How brilliant is this station! No longer do I have to wait until Frank Renton on a Friday night on BBC Radio 2 to get my brass band fix.
  6. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    How kind of you to say. Not bad for a Yankee :eek:

    Really, I started the station about 2 years ago because of love brass bands. It has grown in leaps and bounds. Midland CD has been kind enough (and several band also) to keep me supplied with CDs.

    My only regret is because of a Pulmonary Embolism (clots in the lungs) my playing is restricted and even though there is a US "Section 4" band in my town, I just cannot play for at least another year.

    Oh well, my love of brass band will have to remain with the station.


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